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Procedure to create Composite Provider

Procedure to create Composite Provider

  1. Go to the Info Area and select the option to create composite provider



2. Provide appropriate name




3.You will be asked to select one of the ODS/ ADSO.








4.  After adding the provider name, next will be the other provider which you need to join.



5. After selecting the second provider, it will process to make a join of the two providers



6. Composite provider will have following 3 Tabs (General, Scenario and Output)


i)  General Tab :- Provides composite provider name



ii)  Scenario Tab:- It has the information on the ADSO/View and stating the join condition and the  primary key common joins. Right click on the filed which you need to make joins for the two info providers.





iii)  Target has the fields to be selected to the output as shown above


7. In output tab we have the fields which we had selected in the target area, where we assign for each the respective info objects in the association



8. Now Activate the composite provider. You will find composite provider is available in the info area. HANA.




9. When you preview the composite provider you will find the data.



10. We can also see in BW on HANA , this composite provider is created.




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  • Hello Laurant,

    Thanks for your blog! Good one.

    I am getting " instead of values from the right table. What can be the possible reason? Does " mean blank? all the fields from right table has "

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi thanks for the nice explaining.

    I would like to ask a question In Bw we would see the composite provider.Without going into the hana studio can we find out which operation did composite provider performed ( Join, union) in Bw itself.Is there any Tcode.

    Please help me here to get clarified.