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Status Quo with credit cards

At the moment, especially in Germany, if your customer pays with EC-Card via ELV (signature on receipt) at the POS, a long extra receipt is printed twice and you as a company has to take care of saving and storing it for the following 10 years.

UNIORG – Six Payment – Cooperation

That is why you should take advantage out of the positive cooperation:

  • Swiss and German companies with strong historic background
  • credit card acquiring (POS+Online) from a single source
  • high safety standards due to legal banking background
  • visionary concerning real customer needs

No carrier needed anymore

Good news for every company, because the network provider (carrier) had to be paid as well. Now, it is possible, that Six Payment as an aqcuirer takes care of the potential negative booking operation of the customer and therefore the company saves money.

Automatically stored receipts

Furthermore, all receipts are automatically stored digitally for any possible tax inspection – future orientated and legal.

Advantages of UNIORG-Six-Plugin for SAP Customer Checkout

There are a few advantages to improve the standard SAP Customer Checkout:

  1. Faster checkout at POS
    due to digital signature at terminal
  2. Save paper
    due to no extra printing
  3. Legally save at tax inspections
    due to automatic digital saving of all credit card receipts
  4. Save money
    because no extra carrier is needed for ELV transactions

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    1. Julian Wehmann Post author

      First of all, get in contact with your acquirer/network provider. They could be the same, like Igenico, but dont have to. Often, you can find phone numbers on the bottom of the credit card terminal, so aks for the expiry date of the contract to get a first idea.

      By the way, not using the network provider, is technically like not using ELV cards. Your decision.



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