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Author's profile photo Saar Dagan

Bye Bye Quirks

It’s time to make a change.

For Enterprise Portal 7.50, we highly recommend that you change your framework page to one of the following:

  • Ajax Framework Page standards mode (AFP Standards)
  • Fiori Framework Page (FLP@EP)
  • Custom Standards based framework page

Be aware that all non-standards based framework pages are deprecated, refer to SAP Note 2447267 – Deprecated Features in SAP Enterprise Portal.

The following UI technologies used in the portal now support standard modes:

  • Web Dynpro (ABAP and JAVA)
  • SAPUI5
  • WebGUI

For more information, please refer to the PAM under the section “Standards Mode Support“.

The recommendation to switch to a standards based framework page is for the following reasons:

  1. Avoiding the need to open a new window for each application while using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE 11) and to ensure all applications run seamlessly within the same framework page.
  2. From NW 7.52 ABAP, all SAP UI Technologies will only support standards mode. For more information, refer to SAP Note 1672817 – Browser: Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer Support Policy Note.

To set your framework page to AFP Standards, you can find more information in:
AFP Standards mode blog

For more information on how to set the Fiori Framework Page, see
Enabling SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal.

When switching to standards based framework page make sure you change the configuration of your standards based applications so they will open in place.

To do so, you need to configure your standards based iViews as follows:

  1. Set the “Launch in New Window” property of the iView to “Display in portal content area”.

It is still possible to run quirks-based applications in the portal while using standards based framework page

To do so, you need to configure your quirks-based iViews as follows:

  1. Set the “Launch in New Window” property of the iView to “Display in separate headerless portal window”
  2. If the iView is an Applicatoin Integratoin (AI) iView, you need to add “sap-ie=EmulateIE8” to Application Parameters:


Hope you find this helpful

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      Author's profile photo Julio Alberto Martinez Real
      Julio Alberto Martinez Real

      Nice blog.

      Whats about km navigation iviews?


      Author's profile photo Matt Fraser
      Matt Fraser



      Great blog! I wish this had been available a few weeks earlier, as it likely would have saved me some headache. We're in the middle of a portal upgrade project (going live this weekend!), and switching from the "classic" framework to the "Ajax standards" framework is part of it.


      If I may add one suggestion, could you add "Portal Administration and Development" and perhaps also "SAP NetWeaver" as secondary tags for this? I believe people following those tags would find this useful.





      Author's profile photo Saar Dagan
      Saar Dagan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Matt,


      Thanks a lot for your comment, I have added the tags as you suggested.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Steven Dotto
      Steven Dotto


      ‘Bye Bye Quirks’ - Not so fast!




      Great Blog.


      Along with Matt’s suggestions, I would like to add another one to the list for consideration. Business Packages (Portal Content). The subject of updating the iViews, Pages, etc that are used in Business Packages (Portal Content) has not been discussed to date in Blogs, Notes etc, as far as I can tell. I would like to raise this topic for discussion among the community.


      If SAP is encouraging all Customers to switch their Portals to run under ‘Standards Mode’, then what support is SAP providing customers in regards to updating the Business Packages (Portal Content) to also be compatible with STANDARDS mode rendering?


      Do you know if SAP is intending to update all the existing iViews, Pages, etc that are used in Business Packages (Portal Content) that are currently delivered to render in QUIRKS mode and update them to render in STANDARDS mode?


      If SAP is not going to update the existing iViews, Pages, etc that are used in Business Packages, will SAP provide instructions to enable the customer to update SAP standard iViews, Pages used in Business Packages to render in STANDARDS mode?


      Why I am asking these questions is because, earlier today we received a reply from SAP Support, from the information provided (reading between the lines) it suggests that the customer could go ahead and update the existing iViews, Pages, etc that are used in Business Packages (Portal Content).




      Author's profile photo Saar Dagan
      Saar Dagan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Steve,


      Thanks for the comment and question, most SAP UI technologies support standards mode now.

      So only business content that is not using one of the following technologies:

      • Web Dynpro (ABAP and JAVA)
      • HTMLB
      • SAPUI5
      • WebGUI

      Should be taken care of and those should also probably have a blog / documentation on how to switch them to standards mode.

      If you have a question regarding a specific package I suggest you raise a question for that specific component and ask how to switch it to standards mode.

      Portal as you are aware is an integration point, we can support both modes.

      Thanks and BR,




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Saar, nice blog.

      We’re currently migrating our portal and custom developments to 7.50 and finally, all applications run smooth in standards mode. It feels like a complete new experience now, we love it.

      Do you know if there is also an updated tutorial how to create a custom standards ajax framework page? The standard AFP page is unfortunately not as customizable as we want.The last tutorials I know contained some hacks that are likely not needed any more.

      BR, Karsten