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Everyone has probably heard the story of how health and safety transformed Alcoa. It’s been written about extensively in The Power Of Habit, one of the most popular business books in the last few decades. It tells the story of Paul O’Neill, a man promoted to the position of CEO at a dangerous aluminum manufacturing company.

To cut a long story short, when he took over he spoke to investors for the very first time and didn’t mention anything about money. Instead, he said he was going to focus all of his efforts on health and safety. The room went crazy and people were rushing out to sell their shares. Nobody could have expected what happened next.

The Power of Health and Safety

SAP understands how much it matters just like Paul O’Neill, which is why they provide you with amazing health and safety software. If you want to know how important it is you only need to focus on the numbers. After the first year Alcoa profits hit an all-time high. When the ‘crazy’ CEO retired the company was making five times more money.

This was all because of focusing on the safety of workers, which affects more than the number of days they call in sick each year. It definitely boosts morale when you know your company cares about you. How many lives do you think were saved in a company where they work with killing machines and metals sitting at 1,500 degrees?

How You Can Build a Safer Workplace

There is lots of software on the market capable of bringing about change and it’s terribly important. I implore any business to take advantage of everything they can to protect their employees, which in turn will skyrocket their profits. But today we’re going to focus on a few ways companies can go the extra mile.

  • Start listening to your employees
  • Send them on training courses
  • Everything must be recorded
  • Don’t let anyone take any risks

Start Listening to Your Employees

It’s common to hear employers talking about assessing the environment lately. Making sure the effectiveness of operating equipment is okay seems to be popular too. There is nothing wrong with either of those, but anyone can see there is something missing.

Employees are going to be the ones with expert knowledge no matter what their job title is. They work in these environments and use the operating equipment every day. They must be consulted and their views must be taken onboard.

Don’t Let Anyone Take Any Risks

Nobody wants to lose their job right now. It’s hard to find a new one, so employees will do risky things because they want to be seen as indispensable. When people take risks it will eventually end up with something bad happening.

It’s your job as an employer to make sure your employees don’t feel the need to take risks. If they speak to someone in charge of them they shouldn’t fear losing their job because they didn’t want to push things to the limits.

Let Them Take Training Courses

It’s not always up to you when it comes to training your employees. In a perfect world, they’d listen to you, but they might need to be educated. It’s where people like the Sheilds NEBOSH distance learning providers come into the equation.

This is a course designed for every employee in the world and can be done online. If you want to be extra safe you’ll leave some training in the hands of the professionals. A NEBOSH certified worker will be an asset to any company.

Everything Must Be Recorded

Do you know what an accident logbook is? Of course, you do because they have one in every workplace, yet it’s likely gathering dust somewhere. Everyone needs to start recording their accidents in the book no matter how bad they are.

Managers should face disciplinary action if they ignore this. When you don’t record accidents it’s hard to see patterns emerging, which could eventually result in something catastrophic happening. No accident should ever be deemed insignificant.

Worker Safety Equals Massive Results

Obviously, you’ll care about the safety of your workers, but don’t forget why else it’s important. If it allows you to add anything to your profits it’s only a good thing, yet the results will surprise you more than you think. Plus there are too many other benefits to mention because it would take all day.

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