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Enabling the Country Specific Payroll Tax Form Integration in SuccessFactors Employee Central (i.e, Canada T4, US W-2, India Form -16)

This blog is co-authored by Gobinder Sandhu  ( Memberand Jai Korpal (Former Member)


Country specific Year-End tax form generation for eligible employee is a legal payroll requirement.  SAP on-premise as well as EC payroll system provides this standard functionality for numerous countries.  SAP has provided standard WebDynpro / UI5 services to make the tax form available online. (through Employee Self Services using HR Renewal application component –  However, if the tax forms generated in on-premise SAP system are to be made available in SuccessFactors Employee Central System for the employees to view, it can be achieved by UI integration of the SAP provided HR Renewal services with Employee Central.  This blog aims to provide sequence of technical steps required to achieve the integration.

Note :  At the time of writing this blog, there are  pre-delivered services (listed later in this blog) for displaying tax forms for certain countries such as US (W-2 form) or India (Form -16), where as for Canada Tax form (T4 /T4A) the service is yet to be released, that is  why HR renewal component being used. Beside this fact, information in this blog can be leveraged to display tax form online for any country for which HR Renewal application component is available in SAP.

Lovely coincidence that the day first draft of this  blog was written, Canada’s budget 2017 was released  (22 Mar) mandating the legality of  ONLINE T4/T4A forms as an alternative to employer’s obligation of printing and mailing the form to every employee’s home address.  Lets save some trees !!

On high level, following steps are to be implemented:

  1. Implement SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) configuration as per SAP note 2253359. Though this note explains steps around pay statement, we have leveraged them for tax form implementations.
  2. Activate tax form and related Services in SAP.
  3. Maintain Assertion Consumer Settings in SuccessFactors Provisioning for single sign on
  4. Configure Payroll System Configuration object in SuccessFactors Employee Central
  5. Perform Role based permissions to give employees access to Tax Form applications

Please note that these steps assume the tax form is already configured in SAP system.

Each of the above steps are illustrated below.

STEP 1.  Implement SAML configuration as per SAP note              2253359.

SAML, security assertion markup language is an XML based open standard data format for authentication and authorizing the data between parties, in particular between identity provider and service provider. In our case SF EC system is an identity provider and On Premise SAP payroll system is the service provider. Follow the steps given in SAP note 2253359. The note is released for primarily the activation of pay statement service in SAP. Next step illustrates how to activate the tax form service

STEP 2. Activate tax form and related Services in SAP

Services to be activated , as per the country of interest

Canada Tax form –  HRESS_A_REP_CA_TFR


India Tax form –  HRESS_A_REP_IN_FORM16

To activate the services

Go to SAP Transaction SICF, Enter the name of service and click display

Right click on service name and click on activate service, in case of dependency popup appears, activate all the dependencies.

STEP 3. Maintain Assertion Consumer Settings in SuccessFactors Provisioning

From the implementation of step 1, a meta data file is extracted from SAP system (Seek help from your SAP basis). Within this file contains following URLs:



These links are required to be maintained in the SuccessFactors provisioning at following place:

Click Add another Service Provide ACS and add the assertion consumer service and logout URLS.

STEP 4. Configure Payroll System Configuration object in SuccessFactors Employee Central

In SuccessFactors Employee Central Admin center, Configure the earning and deduction portlet for the payroll information page in the payroll system configuration object.

Go to Manage Data, Create New Payroll System Configuration object, if not already exists.

URL for CANADA tax form – https://<<Server Address>>:<<port>>/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hress_a_rep_ca_tfr  ( For any other country replace the corresponding service name in the URL )

URL for US Tax form  – https://<<Server Address>>:<<port>>/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hress_a_rep_us_online_w2 ( Alternatively leave the URL blank and select the service Reporting of Online W-2 – Employee Self Service (US only)   from the service drop down. )

URL for INDIA tax form  – https://<<Server Address>>:<<port>>/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/ HRESS_A_REP_IN_FORM16 (Alternatively leave the URL blank and select the service Form 16 (India only)  from the service drop down)

Under Portlets, click on details section of Earnings and Deductions, enter the URL for down as shown in the screen below.

click on details ,

Make sure the self service is selected as Yes.

For Displaying Form 16 ( India Tax Form) , either follow the same configuration as above OR use the Service ‘Form 16’ from the service drop down as shown below


Similarly for United States W-2 Form ,  Use the service ‘Reporting of Online W-2 – Employee Self Service (US Only)’ from the dropdown.

In case the service does not appear in the dropdown,  values can be imported Success Store with the package name Payroll Configuration Picklists of type Payroll Configuration.

STEP 5:  Perform Role based permissions to give employees access to Tax Form applications 

Following screen shots are self-explanatory to setup the role based permissions in SuccessFactors Employee Central.

Display the tax form in Employee Central (Employee File – navigate to Payroll Information). Latest year tax form as generated in SAP system will be shown.  Options are available to navigate to tax form from previous years as well  Print or download the tax form for filing. a huge gain for employers and employees !

Finally , on generation of year end tax form generation in payroll system ( Canada tax form in this example) , is available per tax year in SF EC system.

We hope this helps and expedite your work towards to invoke this wonderful functionality.

Feel free to provide feedback / improvement and share your learning’s in the comments section.


About Authors:

Gobinder Sandhu is certified SAP consultant and project manager with expertise in SAP HCM/Payroll, SuccessFactors Employee Central, EC Payroll, SF Recruiting and Integrations.

Connect with Gobi at

Jai Karan Korpal is an experienced SAP and SuccessFactors Integration Architect, who specializes in SAP HCM(PA/OM/ESS/MSS), SuccessFactors Employee Central, SF Recruiting and integration technologies such as PI/HCI/Boomi.

Connect with Jai at


Also view our blog on enabling pay statement viewing on SuccessFactors Employee Central which leverages similar technology  –




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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Gobinder,


      Great documentation. This is a great help.

      Have you tried BSI Tax Locator for US? When BSI TaxLocator™ SaaS is active in the system, it uses the employee and company's addresses to suggest payroll users the most appropriated tax areas to be maintained for a given employee.

      I am trying to see if the employee themselves, log into the Employee Central via the Portlet and maintains a tax area, will they receive a recommended local tax area from BSI Tax Locator while logged into Employee Central Portlet only?

      Do you have any info on this?


      Thank you!


      Author's profile photo Gobinder Singh Sandhu
      Gobinder Singh Sandhu
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Rodelyn,

      I am yet to try the BSI tax locator.  Sorry, will not be able to comment on your requirements.




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hey Gobi,

      No problem 🙂 I was trying to see the effects of the Tax Locator for the employee themselves. If you run into anything about this, please let me know.


      Thanks and more power!




      Author's profile photo Siddharth Rajora
      Siddharth Rajora

      Good Blog Jai/Gobinder

      also, we can consider using custom navigation as well too for this requirement.


      Author's profile photo Vikrant Dukre
      Vikrant Dukre

      Hello, Siddharth can you please help us to understand what you mean by custom navigation?


      Author's profile photo Siddharth Rajora
      Siddharth Rajora

      its the URL path

      Author's profile photo Marisol Mejia
      Marisol Mejia

      Guys is it available for Colombia?


      Author's profile photo Beniamin Marcu
      Beniamin Marcu


      If this  HRESS_A_REP_CA_TFR is not on that list, how can I activate it?


      Thank you,