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SAP HANA Rules Framework 1.00 SP10 is now available !

We are very happy to announce that SAP HANA Rules Framework 1.00 SP10 is now available!

Here is the main highlight of this release:

Rules Repository (on XS Advanced)

A new software component, SAP Rules Repository, allows application developers to build solutions with specific rule scenarios on SAP HANA XS Advanced. Also the existing Analytical Rules Engine component needs to be installed to enable this functionality on XS Advanced.

In other words – HRF is running now on HANA 2.0 with XS Advanced (a.k.a XSA) which is the new applicartion server technology of HANA 2.0.

Note that SAP HRF modeling tools (on HANA Studio) are not supported with the XS Advanced components.

For more information, see the SAP HANA Rules Framework guides for XS Advanced, and SAP note 2403168.


Naturally rules on XS Classic are also supported by this version. For more information, see the SAP HANA Rules Framework guides for XS Classic, and SAP note 2403168.

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  • Hey, Noam.

    I'd like to know how is HRF licenced for HXE (HANA express)?

    Also for HANA for ERP. Our account said that HRF is part of the "SAP HANA, Runtime Edition for Applications and SAP BW" licence. Is this correct, or do we have to licence separately?


    Best regards,


    • Hi Kiril,

      As far as I know HRF is licensed with HANA Entreperise Edition, or with any solution that utilizes HRF and contains it in its' bill of materials (such as SAP Fraud Management, hybris Marketing etc.).

      BR, Noam

  • Hi Noam,


    We do have NW and HANA Runtime License (SLT), going to move to BWoH and SoH. May we know we are entitled to use this HRF? If not, what else we do need to enjoy it?



    Sam Wong

    • Hi Sam,

      HRF is includsed in the BoM of several products such as: HANA Enterprise Edition, hybris Marketing, Fraud Mangement, and several S/4 solutions. Please check with your AE if you entitled for HRF license.


      BR, Noam