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our openSAP course Developing Java-Based Apps on SAP Cloud Platform* (Update Q1/2017) starts next week, on Wednesday, April 5th 2017, and ends on Thursday, May 18th 2017. It’s a 5 week course followed by another week for the final exam. New in this update is among others a System Preparation week which opened yesterday, 1 week before the actual course starts. The document openSAP course guide – Developing Java-Based Apps on SAP Cloud Platform* (Update Q1/2017) – overview gives an overview over the course and has the links to all the week guides. This blog post you are reading just now will guide you through week 0 of the course and provide you with additional material, explanations or FAQ around the topic of the week. Depending on the feedback and questions inside the forum of the course I might also add additional material (e.g. videos) during and after the course to address the frequently asked questions so that you have a one-stop-shop of additional materials for this course. I hope you will enjoy the week!

Content Week 0

The topic for week 0 is System Preparation, and this is the content you can look forward to:

  • Unit 1: Getting Your Account
  • Unit 2: Setting Up Eclipse
  • Unit 3: Setting Up Git and Maven


Table of Contents

Unit 1 – Getting Your Account

See the video here: https://open.sap.com/courses/hcp2-1/items/3Rv6Z8UqjJcpDdYEyT8MDZ

What you will learn

  • SAP Cloud Platform elevator pitch
  • How to create your own free developer account on SAP Cloud Platform
  • What the account includes
  • The account cockpit
  • How you can develop in your account
  • Where to get help



Unit 2 – Setting Up Eclipse

See the video here: https://open.sap.com/courses/hcp2-1/items/7rU90Wrbx9AZgg3bnsXT7Z

What you will learn

  • Capabilities and benefits of the
    • Java Runtime
    • Eclipse IDE
  • How to set up Eclipse for SAP Cloud Platform development
  • How to create a HelloWorld sample application
  • How to deploy an application on a local runtime and in the cloud
  • How to use the account cockpit



Unit 3 – Setting Up Git and Maven

See the video here: https://open.sap.com/courses/hcp2-1/items/4EcftmrvPDifCxTpW0gKi1

What you will learn

  • What Git is
  • How Git works
  • How you can use Eclipse and Git together
  • How to set up Git for SAP Cloud Platform development
  • What Maven is
  • How Maven works
  • How you can use Eclipse and Maven together
  • How to set up Maven for SAP Cloud Platform development



During the original course last year Amol Gupta wrote a very good complementary installation guide which you might also still find useful:


Additionally, we have a new Enterprise Sales and Procurement Model (ESPM) Installation Guide with screenshots, have a look!


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*) Please note: SAP has announced that SAP HANA Cloud Platform is being renamed to SAP Cloud Platform. You can read more about the reasons behind the change and what you can expect in the official SAP Press Release.

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