Emails sent out within a campaign often include links to web pages / shops / product pages, for example a link to order the particular product. To track the success usually parameters are added to the link.

On the UI in the message editor of SAP Hybris Marketing one can add one parameter that can carry either a constant or a personalized value. Additionally a tracking ID (or SAP Outbound ID) can be added that can be used e.g. to prefill landing pages.

In some cases it is necessary to add multiple parameters to an url in the email, for example Google Analytics has up to 5 parameters. In this blog we describe how these parameters can be added to the email.

Multiple parameters, e.g. for Google Analytics

Here we propose to add the Google Analytics url parameters as constant values to the url. For example you have built an email campaign that aims to drive your customers to your shop to buy a specific product. You added the product picture and now want to add the link to the product in the show which is:

To measure the success of the campaign you need to add the various parameters, e.g. utm_source=SAPHybris (because the email is originated by your marketing solution)
&utm_medium=email       (the medium or channel used)
&utm_campaign=12345 (which would be the campaign ID that sends the email)
&utm_content=male_en (which would be the condition block for male consumers in the English mail template)

Now you need to assemble all to a long url string and insert it into the field <URL or fallback URL> on the message app.

When the email is sent this url with all the parameters is added to the message.

More about Google Analytics can be found here: Google Analytics Integration


Multiple personalized parameters

Multiple personalized parameters might be of interest if you want to pass information to the web page, for example you want to add the gender and the first name of the contact. The message app currently supports to select a single personalized parameter, but with this little workaround it is possible to add as many personalized parameters as you like.

We start again as before, but add one personalized parameter using the UI:

Now you must switch to the source code tab of the email and find the technical parameter personalization:

In our case the technical personalization is: |%BO-CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT-NAME_FIRST%| . Note that this technical name is also dependent on the segmentation profile you have chosen for personalization in the Settings tab.

If you want to have more personalized parameters, you need to add this parameter to the url that you have in the URL or fallback URL field:|%BO-CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT-NAME_FIRST%|

Then select the next personalized parameter (e.g. gender):

To add even more personalized parameters, you need to go to the Source Code Tab again, find the technical name of the personalization, add it to the url and select a third personalized parameter.

When the email is sent, within the execution these personalization parameters are filled, eg. I would get an email including a link like this:




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