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Google Adwords Integration with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud


Google AdWords is an online advertising service developed by Google. It allows to display advertising with search results (paid search or Search Network), display banners (Display Network), video campaigns and more.


SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud offers an integration to Google AdWords supporting these scenarios:

  1. Creating an user list on Google AdWords: User lists can be used to target some contacts specifically (e.g. with higher bids) in the various campaigns on Google AdWords.
    Use case: We know that subscribers of newsletters or loyalty card holders have a higher affinity to the company’s products than random visitors. Therefore placing a higher bid for them in the search network will show the company’s ads more likely with the search result. This brings the loyalty card holders more likely to the company’s web page and web shop.
  2. Creating a campaign (and an ad group and an ad) for Search Network on Google AdWords. Here we create raw ad information on Google AdWords. The marketer (or the agency) then can finetune and start the campaign on Google AdWords. SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud fetches the success information and makes it available for success reporting.
  3. Linking an existing Google AdWords (Search Network) campaign. After linking the Google AdWords campaign to one campaign on SAP Hybris Marketing we fetch the success data.
    Use case: Many customers have marketing agencies that manage digital campaigns. To tie back the campaign success data along with platform costs SAP Hybris Marketing just links to the Google AdWords campaign. With this success data can be compared cross campaigns and cross campaign types as well as actual cost data can be run against spend budget. This feature allows to continue the working model between the marketing department and the marketing agency yet giving the marketing department more transparency.


Marketing Agencies

Do you work with agencies? No problem, this integration supports you and your agency to do the work even better.

  • Your marketing agency can target people even more specifically by using the user lists. The user lists are loaded by your marketing department, there is no need to send your most valuable customer lists unhashed to anybody outside your company. The user lists are automatically updated based on your schedule setting.
  • You get the success data of the campaigns and can compare actuals vs planned.



How to use it

The Google Adwords integration can be found in the campaign. When you create a campaign, select the “Paid Search” tile. In the campaign flow you can select whether to create or assign a Google Adwords campaign.


Creating or assigning campaigns currently supports Search Network campaigns only.

For either scenarios you can add an audience / a target group which then is replicated as a user list to Google Adwords.

To create a user list on Google AdWords it is necessary to do it via a campaign, however it isnt necessary to activate or use the particular campaign on Google AdWords side. The user list can be used where ever needed in Google Adwords.

Both scenarios fetch success data from Google Adwords.



  • the customer needs to have a Google AdWords account
  • the customer needs to have or license an own HCI tenant
    • to install the app for Google AdWords integration. See SAP Developer Hub SAP Hybris Marketing Google AdWords Paid Search Integration.
    • to configure and store Google AdWords Access token from their AdWords MCC account


Architecture of integration

On SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud the integration scenario SAP_COM_0030 describes the setup in more detail.

See how it is embedded into SAP Hybris Marketing:

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  • Good to know about the integration panel and targeting areas. we need more stuff on how does it works, is the platform does bid management’s only or else can we try to get the competition analysis throughout the search journey. what about the analytics platform and integration with the sales and revenue output. kindly provide elaborated stuff so that advertiser can interact with you.

  • Hi Michael Rey  ,

    Thanks for the detailed information . Appreciate the same . We are doing the Adword integration and even getting the Google Adword account name in Hyris Marketing . But while releasing campaign we are getting an error OperationAccessDenied.ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED . I saw a blog in google group forum where it says this happens because of access level of the Adword user account being used for creating the Google token. Is there any pre-requisite what should be the Google Adword user access level for SAP Integration content to work ? .!topic/adwords-api/9IGbNn7QF_U

    With Regards ,

    Saurabh Kumar Pandey

    • Hi Saurabh,

      we will follow up on your question but kindly understand that I ask you to create a ticket for this on the OSS / BCP. Then we can internally drive a solution much easier.



  • Hi,


    Thanks for the details. However what is very unclear is how far the AdWords integration stretches. According to Google, Adwords stretches across:

    • Remarketing
    • Video content
    • Product Listings

    Does the Hybris Marketing integration tie into this by Linking to an existing adwords campaign or is this integration not possible?


    Many thanks


  • Hi

    I’m configuring Google Adwords integration with SAP Mktng Cloud according with the SAP guide

    Everything looks fine in SAP CPI and SAP Mktng Cloud, but when i try to test te integration with GoogleAds campaign to see the googleads accounts lists, its empty.

    I dont know if maybe i need to do something else in the configuration.


    • Hi Carlos,

      Please take a look at this link, you need to create an SAP support ticket so that we can grant access for your SAP Cloud Platform Integration user to communicate with the SAP Central tenant.

      Best Regards,


      SAP Marketing Development


      • Hi,


        According with the guide, i trigger the integration service with postman. It show us correct info, and we can show the interface in SAP CPI Monitor.

        But, when i create the campaign in SAP Mktng Cloud, the account list still empty.

        Can some one help me please? I created a support note today.