Inspired by Elizabeth Thorburn’s and Masayuki Sekihara’s excellent blog series Back-End Connectivity with SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account, I want to connect my Fiori Cloud Demo account, to my ERP backend system.

For this I chose the My Inbox Fiori app as Elizabeth and Masayuki did. To start with, I check the Fiori Apps Library to verify that the My Inbox app for SAP Business Suite is in fact available via SAP Fiori Cloud, which of course it is:

However, I also get the Implementation Details from it, especially the back-end component I must install into my ERP system:

As well as the Back-End Authorization Role (PFCG):

With this information, I select the required software components from the Software Marketplace:

I download them with the SAP Download Manager, unpack them with SAPCAR and Upload the Packages from the File System:

And install them with SAINT:

Including all the Support Packages:

Which finishes successfully:

In transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE I Add the Service:

And in transaction PFCG I create a new Single Role based on Template /IWPGW/RT_WF_USER as per the information I gathered from the Fiori Apps Library:

Finally I add my TADIR Service to the Role:

Next I connect my SAP HANA Cloud Connector to my Fiori Cloud Demo account:

And allow access to the Backend Data Provider:

To access my backend system from SAP Fiori, cloud edition I Configure Destination iwbep in the OData Provisioning Demo Service:

And a Destination to my OData Provisioning Service Demo Service:

With this Destination, I configure the My Inbox crossfndfioriinbox Subscription:

Thus, I see the one task that I have in My Inbox:

Much nicer of course, but from the content exactly as in the Business Workplace:

And since in the cloud, easily accessible from my phone:

While this is just one example, all the other Fiori Cloud apps work basically the same.

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