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Replicating Customer and Contact Person From SAP ERP To SAP Hybris Commerce

Replicate B2B customers and contact persons from the SAP ERP to SAP Hybris Commerce using Application Link Enabling (ALE) and the IDoc Interface technology.

Before following below steps please check whether SAP Integration system configurations are done.

Step 1:

Create a new customer in XD01 t-code and Enter the below details:

⦁ In the Account group field, select the “Treasury customer” value. It must be a “Sold-to-party”             account type.
⦁ In the Customer field, enter a value that was not used before, like 80013(for example).
⦁ Company code will be 0001 for SAP AG
⦁ Sales organization will be 0001
⦁ Distribution channel will be 01                    and
⦁ Division we have to select 01 for pumps

Click on continue button.

Step 2:

Fill the address tab details.

Step 3:

Click company code data it will take to the Account Management tab. Here Just fill “Recon.account” filed only and click on save button.

Step 4:

It will take to sales area data..else click on sales area data. Enter sales district, price group and customer price process in sales tab then click on save button.

Step 5:

Click on Billing documents tab and enter tax details.

Step 6:

Create a Contact Person for the above Customer.Click on general data and in that contact person tab.

Enter the name, details, and details andTelephone1 and double click on the name. A new screen will appear.

Enter the person details and click on the Business address.

Enter contact person business address and click on continue and then save button.

Step 7:

Now Set the CP (Contact Person) Partner Function for the newly created Customer. Click on sales area data, Partner Functions tab add a new field in partner function.

Click on continue and then save button to save new partner function.

Step 8:

Go to BD64 t-Code to create Distribution Model. Switch to “Edit Mode”.

⦁ Click on “Create Model View” to create a new Distribution Model.
⦁ Enter in the Short text field: “SAP ERP TO HYBRIS CUSTOMERS”
⦁ Enter in the Technical name field: “HY_CUST_SY”
Save the model.

Step 9:

Go to Customizing for IDoc Interface / Application Link Enabling (ALE) (transaction SALE).

You can enhance the distribution model under Modelling and Implementing Business Processes -> Configure Predefined ALE Business Processes -> Logistics -> Master Data Distribution.Choose Proposal for distribution model:

Enter the details.

Click on execute button.

Step 10:

Now go to Maintenance of Distribution model (t-code BD64), choose Edit mode and open your distribution model. Click SAP ERP to Hybris Customers Distribution Model.

Step 11:

Data Replication Framework (transaction DRFIMG) and choose Data Replication -> Define Custom Settings for Data Replication -> Define Technical Settings for Business Systems.

Click on new entries and enter the data for new Business System.

Now double click on “Define Bus, systems..” and click on new entries then select supplier and customer.

Now by selecting customer/supplier click on Define Bus system. Enter the details and click on save button.

Step 12:

Go to transaction BD12 to send Customers, and enter the following values.

Click on execute button.

Step 13:

Now at HMC->B2B COMMERCE->B2B unit.Here we will observe the replicated Customer.

Go to B2B Commerce->B2B Customer >Here we will see the contact person.


Understanding how data is mapped for customers, contact persons, and related sales-area-dependent information can help us understand how replicated data is organized in the receiving system.

The following table shows the mapping of entities between systems:

B2B Unit Customer
B2B Customer Contact person
Address type-Ship To Ship-to party partner function
Address type-Bill To Bill-to party partner function


Thanks for reading ?

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      Author's profile photo Olivier Dewit
      Olivier Dewit

      Thank you for the explanations. Really helpful. Now, I am wondering how do ECC ship-to addresses get imported into Hybris?  As these are all customers in ECC would each of these addresses get mapped to a new B2BCustomer in hybris or is there a way to put all these address on the B2BUnit so that a customer who is part of that unit can select from any of these ship-to address?   Do you have any technical documentation that goes into how this process works?


      Author's profile photo Sreenu Reddy Yarramachu
      Sreenu Reddy Yarramachu
      Blog Post Author


      By using IDOC DEBMAS we will do Customer master data distribution.Could you please see the step 12 on the above blog, mentioned going  transaction BD12 to send Customers data based on the customer number and  DEBMAS IDOC.



      Sreenivasula Reddy Y.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Sreenu,


      I have followed the same steps. I am on S/4 HANA system. I send one customer to Hybris and check the Idoc, I couldnt find the relevant Name  and address details in the idoc. Do i need to run the separately for CP replication?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      This is the only details i can see:


      Author's profile photo Imrose Mohammed
      Imrose Mohammed

      Can you let us know how to import shipto partner functions as addresses in to Hybris. Only when the shipto Id and Soldto Id are same, the addresses are getting replicated in to Hybris. When we have some different shipto Id, we get the error at datahub saying missing reference in the publicatioin statuses.

      Author's profile photo Juan Carlos Camacho
      Juan Carlos Camacho

      Pretty interesting, thanks for share!