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Author's profile photo Dmitry Kuznetsov

S/4HANA Analytics: Adding custom models (CDS views) to InfoAreas

Observe the existing standard naming of the packages:

note it is prefixed by “2O-” and then the application component. In my example, I want to place my custom CDS views under FI, too.

Find the package, which contains standard CDS views under your application component. In my case it is CDS C_GLLINEITEMSQ0001​ under FINS_FIS_FICO_APPS.

Create a Z* package under a desired parent package (note, in my case parent is FINS_FIS_FICO)​ and copy all the properties from your example.

Now it’s the time to assign your custom models to a newly-created custom package:

And check it out in Analysis


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      Author's profile photo Jason Muzzy
      Jason Muzzy

      Hi Dmitry, thanks for the great blog!

      Yesterday I was debugging and stumbled across the piece of code that determines the InfoArea.  As you can see, all it does is concatenate "2O-" with the application component from your package to come up with the InfoArea:

      Therefore, if you wanted your analytical query to show up under InfoArea 2O-FI for example, then you would just create a package and assign it to application component FI, then assign your query to that package.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi, how do I create my own application component and add all my custom development? Right now all my cds queries are shown under unassigned nodes

      Author's profile photo Jason Muzzy
      Jason Muzzy

      See for creating your own application component.  Then just create a new package and assign it to your newly created application component.  Create your CDS query in the new package and they will show up under the assigned application component.

      Author's profile photo raghavendra nookala
      raghavendra nookala

      Hi Jason,

      I have created the new node from RSA6 transaction but not able to see that node in the F4 of application component while creating the package. Please help me to resolve this problem.


      Thank You in Advance.

      Author's profile photo felipe tomazzi
      felipe tomazzi

      Hello raghavendra nookala

      1. You can actually create a custom Application Components using the TCODE SBAC.
      2. Note that you’ll need to create them without a namespace, so first execute the Report SBMCV000 to create a “Prefix for automatic object number creation”.
      3. Then proceed to the TCODE SBACH02 – there you’ll be able to maintain the Application Components hierarchy for you CDS Views
      4. Add the new Application Component you created, as new node under the main SAP Application Node. Think of your Custom Application Components as pseudo-InfoAreas.

      The Application Components for the BW (RSA6) are different from the Application Components used for the CDS Views… In the CDS it actually refers to the “Modules”

      Additionally after you follow these steps you Custom Application Component should be visible through here:

      Author's profile photo Emmanouil Kouvaritakis
      Emmanouil Kouvaritakis

      Dear Felipe,


      very interesting  !!! can you share also what is the source table for the application components?