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Observe the existing standard naming of the packages:

note it is prefixed by “2O-” and then the application component. In my example, I want to place my custom CDS views under FI, too.

Find the package, which contains standard CDS views under your application component. In my case it is CDS C_GLLINEITEMSQ0001​ under FINS_FIS_FICO_APPS.

Create a Z* package under a desired parent package (note, in my case parent is FINS_FIS_FICO)​ and copy all the properties from your example.

Now it’s the time to assign your custom models to a newly-created custom package:

And check it out in Analysis


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  1. Jason Muzzy

    Hi Dmitry, thanks for the great blog!

    Yesterday I was debugging and stumbled across the piece of code that determines the InfoArea.  As you can see, all it does is concatenate “2O-” with the application component from your package to come up with the InfoArea:

    Therefore, if you wanted your analytical query to show up under InfoArea 2O-FI for example, then you would just create a package and assign it to application component FI, then assign your query to that package.

      1. Jason Muzzy

        See for creating your own application component.  Then just create a new package and assign it to your newly created application component.  Create your CDS query in the new package and they will show up under the assigned application component.


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