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Synchronous POST to External REST service using SAP PO & ABAP Proxy

SAP Process Orchestration has relatively new (not-so) adapter called REST Adapter.                        Intention of this Blog is to depict a use case to leverage the well-known ABAP proxy as sender and REST as a receiver.

Advantage of doing this way is that we can easily call/consume it from the ABAP program and test the REST service from the SPROXY.

Pre-requisite : Prior knowledge of ABAP Proxy and SAP PO.

Basic understanding of REST.


Source : SAP System.

Target : Non-SAP system

REST URL – REST service is provided to do a functionality in a system. ( example,  Post a document ) Usually, it will be a URL where we can do HTTP operations like GET, POST etc.

REST Data Format: JSON Payload

Middle ware: SAP PO

ESR Configuration:

Based on the request and response data structure of the REST service, create the source & target structures for Request & Response in ESR.

NOTE: If you are planing to have a different structure, then you require message mapping and operation mapping to make the payload acceptable to the REST Service….duh…


Integration Directory Configuration

Communication Channel : Sender

SOAP Adapter with XI 3.0 protocol . Yes !! for ABAP Proxy sake.


Communication Channel : Receiver

REST Adapter & Message Protocol REST

Configure the REST URL

Specify the HTTP Operation you wish to perform

DATA Format – Request

Proxy (SOAP) deals with XML and so, we need to convert the payload to JSON format as REST service is expecting it JSON format.


DATA format – Response

Again, Convert the JSON response from REST to XML for the proxy to understand.


That’s it. Activate all your objects.

Goto to SPROXY and generate the PROXY.


Just pasting the test result to show that it really worked 🙂



There could be multiple ways to consume REST services but a ABAP savy mind……………


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