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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and Managed system as ABAP

Hello Friends,

From last couple of the days I have seen some questions around how SAP solution manager work with Managed system.

I am writing couple of blogs to explain how SAP solution manager work with other systems such as ABAP, JAVA , Dual Stack and systems such as BusinessObjects and Data Services.

Lets start with ABAP system for now. As you can see in picture below I am trying to explain connectivity between ABAP managed system and system data flow for configuration.

Let me explain you step by step

  1. You have SAP solution Manager installed and ready and you have fully configured SAP Solution manager Reference documents : One Stop Shop All About SAP Solution Manager 7.2
  2. You have managed system installed and ready
  3. First Register your Managed system in to SAP Solution manager SLD or your central SLD where your LMDB in synchronizing TCode : RZ70Notes:
    1. In our example I am using SAP Solution Manager LOCAL SLD
    2. If you have multiple SLDs you need to make sure what SLD you you want to use for PI SLD, Runtime SLD and Source for LMDB
    3. Pay attention to SLD data synchronization and ranking of it
  4. Once you see your system is properly register in SLD it will automatically sync in LMDB within 10 min. using LMDB sync job
  5. Install SAP Diagnostic Agent in your Managed system. When you install DAA you need to register DAA in to SLD and connect it to SAP solution manager through P4 or P4S port.
  6. Once you have DAA installed you need to update agent through Agent Admin and trust is. Config URL will be : https://host:port/smd/AgentAdminNote: If you have to configure Agent on fly make sure you configure Host first to enable agent on fly.
  7. Now your Managed system is ready to be configure in solution Manager

In all steps above I have tried to explain how your system data get pushed to SAP solution Manager and this is almost same for all the systems including JAVA and Dual Stack systems.

Pushing DATA of JAVA system is little challenging and I will explain it to my next document. As you see in screenshot we have Wily Introscope and its not in use for ABAP system. Wily is collecting JAVA system data and solution manager is utilizing that data to generate EWA and for system monitoring etc.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any question regarding this document


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  • Hey Yogesh,

    Thanks for such a nice Blog.

    Could you please explain how can we register DAA to SLD  through P4 or P4S port and what is difference between P4 and P4S port.


    Thanks in advance 🙂

    Ritu Raj

    • Hello Ritu Raj,

      You can look at document below if you do not have DAA installed

      Part 8 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 (+ SPS03) : Install the Diagnostics Agent 7.45


      If you have it installed please run command below at location :

      /usr/sap/<SID_AGT>/J<Instance_Number>/script or /usr/sap/<SID_AGT>/SMDA<Instance_Number>/script

      smdsetup sldconf hostname:”mySLDhost.domain.corp” port:”<SLD HTTP Port>” user:”SLDDSUSER” pwd:”xxxxxx”


      P4 port is not secure port and P4S port is secure port

      Note: Please use P4 port since SAP have bug in P4S connection. They are working toward to fix this issue in SPS05

      Ref: 2426821 – Activity ‘Generate System-Level Metrics’ fails with error: The remote Call for the generation of system-metrics templates failed – Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.2




  • Hi Yogesh,


    Still waiting for ITSM, CHARM,BPM and other ALM configuration. Can I provide you with my email address to send to me if you have done it?


    Thank You,


  • Dear Yogesh

    Thank you always for great blogs

    If all managed systems of solman are abap systems then basically do not need Wily?

    Does not having wily in all-abap-managed-system envirionment will impact creationg of EWA reports?



    • If all managed systems of solman are abap systems then basically do not need Wily?

      • ABAP not need Wily

      Does not having wily in all-abap-managed-system envirionment will impact creationg of EWA reports?

      • EWA will work perfectly fine
      • Thank you for reply

        Two more question...

        1.In RCA, monitoring and alerting infrastructure, also no need for wily in same case of only abab systems as managed systems?

        2. What about java stack in solman itself? if there is need for ewa report or monitoring for java stack in solman itself then we need wily?


        Thank you



        • Hello,

          Can you please let me know why do not want to install wily? Its part of solman and better to have it rather finding exceptions not to install. System configuration will be incomplete if you have no wily.


          • Hi!

            We already have wily on solman host installed. But tbh we do not use solman itself and wily that much. Only for EWA reports...

            But heap size for wily takes almost 13GB as we have many managed systems.

            My boss wants to get rid of wily, if it is not essential.

            Thus I want to know about pros and cons not having wily in a landscape where there is no Java system.

            Best Regards