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S/4 HANA Embedded Analytics: Design Studio Template vs WebDynpro grid visualization of analytical queries


In this post I am going to consider two option for display analytical query results in Fiori LaunchPad:

  1. Design Studio Template Application
  2. WD Grid Application

I’m using S/4 HANA 1610 version with NW 7.51 for demonstration of features.

Option 1. Design Studio Template Application


Query Browser is a standard design studio template that is available in the standard SAP Fiori offering. No additional installation is required as this application is shipped with the standard SAP Fiori offering.
The Query Browser tile allows the end user to select an Analytical Query CDS views and perform ad-hoc reporting on it. The analytical query is specified via a URL parameter, so it is possible to create a tile that directly starts the analytical query.


1.Open Query Browser, find analytical query that you need and click Open in Design Studio.

2.If appropriate, you will get a selection screen for entering prompts (variables). Enter all mandatory(*) and needed optional prompts and launch report.

There you could in particularly:

  • Perform drill-down by selecting row, columns
  • Perform filtration, sorting
  • Make settings for display options: key and description, key figures in thousands etc.
  • Display in table, chart or both views
  • Export to Excel
  • Save as Tile in some user defined Fiori Tile Groups
  • View of hide subtotals
  • Save variant of report


  • In SICF transaction activate services /sap/bw/ina and /sap/bw/Mime
  • In /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE transaction activate OData service RSAO_ODATA_SRV
  • If you get some errors about 0ANALYSIS try to see solution in this post.

Option 2. WD Grid Application


This application is suitable for Multi-dimensional reporting for business users. There are two WD grid options in RSRT transactions. One for opening in embedded style in SAP GUI, another – for opening in browser.

Some standard analytical report in S/4 HANA are based on this application, in particularity our Compact Journal Query.


1. Go to RSRT transaction in SAP GUI and launch query with option WD Grid.

2. Browser is starting, enter needed prompts and choose start selection.

There you could in particularly:

  • Perform drill-down by selecting row, columns
  • Perform filtration, sorting
  • Make settings for display options: key and description, key figures in thousands etc.
  • Display in table, chart views
  • Export to Excel
  • View of hide subtotals
  • Save variant of report

For making this for business users you can manually create a Fiori Tile by URL. Steps for adding new Fiori Tile with URL is similar to steps in this blog.


  • In SICF transaction activate service /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/fpm_bics_ovp


My personal opinion on comparison between this reporting options:

  • Visual interface: I think that WD Grid is more familiar for BW business users. Features are located more compact, that is important for web-based UI in case of large reports.
  • Stability: I faced with problem that Design Studio Template is not working stable, some errors could appear in one browser and don’t appear in another. WD grid is much more stable.
  • Functionality: They are almost similar, but in case of WD grid option you could make this for standard BW query (not only CDS based), planning queries are also possible.
  • End User tool: Design Studio Template option in this case is better, if user need to be able to create a Tiles by their own without IT support. This possibility is integrated in Query Browser by default.


Thank you for attention!

P.S. Thanks to Bender Julia of SAP developer team there is a good video about WD Grid A First Glance at FPM Analytics GUIBB.

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  • Dear Maksim,

    Thanks for this interesting blog !!

    I made a decision to use WD Grid at one customer to publish in WEB UX some BW queries. But we realize that we have some problems of stability and performances.

    End-user have some dumps with usability of variables, filters and hierarchies : I have opened some   SAP message. For the performances they have some time out.

    I'm looking for some documentations, wiki or blogs about prerequisites /best practices for this tools about performance but I don't found.. Have you something, please ?

    I think, it could come of our system level. What do you think ?

    Thanks a lot for advices



    System level :


    Hello Maksim,

    Thanks for sharing some hidden info. I was wondering how to configure "jump" targets from the design studio apps. I can see a lot of standard apps for example "Cost Center Actuals" which have ability to jump to other fiori tiles, SAP transactions etc. while passing paramaters.



    • Hello,

      I just figured out how to configure "jump" targets and sharing it for everyone's info.

      It is done via "target" mapping of each semantic object defined in the tile configuration in fiori Launchpad designer.

      For example, in the following fiori app "trial balance", you can provide semantic objects in XSEMANTIC_OBJECTS parameter. All the navigation targets with same semantic object are visible.'F0996A')/S10OP


      Hope that helps.




  • Dear Marksim,

    I want to use existing analytical query "C_PROFITANDLOSSPLANACTQ2903" and build new CDS view according to client requirement. I have built new CDS view with different column names. But still it's shown the pre-defined column names in the output(Open with design studio). Is it because it's use common Design studio run time object(template of 0Analysis)? Is it possible to modify the column name in the output? Could you elaborate the underneath technology how it's work when we open analytical query with open design studio?

    Thank in advanced



    • Hi, Milroy!

      Do you see new names when opening query in rsrt?

      Also could try to annotate standard or you view:


      BR, Maksim