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MM-IV report for analysing the GR/IR Clearing amount

Dear Community

Have you ever tried to figure out how the GR/IR clearing postings are calculated in MIRO or how they are different in MR8M cancelations? Performing such a calculation requires quite a significant amount of time and effort when dealing with large PO histories especially if GR-Based IV is not used.

While there are a number of knowledge based articles that provide the steps required to see how the GR/IR clearing amount is calculated it can still be quite a time consuming and tedious task. There is now a new report available, Z_MMIV_POSTING_LOGIC_WRX, that will do all of these calculations and provide a detailed explanation of how the system derived the amount for the GR/IR clearing account.

All that is required from the user is the invoice number, item and fiscal year. Once entered the report will analyse the corresponding Purchase Order history, work out the corresponding formula used to derive the GR/IR clearing amount and display a detailed explanation back in the resulting screen to the user.


A detailed explanation of how the report works can be found here:



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