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If you have the following error in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library when you deploy a solution instance in the Microsoft Azure Classic cloud provider:


You have to increase the H series quota (Cores) for your Microsoft Azure Classic account. Note that this procedure has to be repeated for each subscription in this account.


  1. Sing in to the Microsoft Azure Classic Management Portal.
  2. Choose you user name and then choose Contact Microsoft Support. You will be redirected to the new Microsoft Azure Portal.


  1. Choose New Support Request to create a ticket.


  1. In the Basis dialog, select the following parameters and choose Next:
  • Issue type: Quota
  • Subscription: select the correct subscription from the list
  • Quota type: Cores
  • Support plan: select your support plan


  1. In the Problem dialog, select the following parameters and choose Next:
  • Severity: select your severity from the list
  • Deployment model: Classic
  • Location: select the location where the instance will be deployed
  • SKU Family: H Series
  • New quota (Cores): enter the new quota that is needed for your instance

Note that if you do not have H series in the SKU Family field, you have to go back to the Step 4 (in the Basics dialog) and change Issue Type from Quota to Subscription Management, and choose Next. Then in the Problem dialog, select the following parameters and choose Next:

  • Problem type: Other General Questions
  • Details: Give more information about your problem.

For example:

  • What is the VM type? -> H16m
  • What is your region? -> West Europe
  • What is the number of required cores? -> 16 cores for each H16m virtual machine

  1. In the Contact Information dialog, select add your contact information and choose Create.

Then the Microsoft Azure Support Team will contact you by the contact method that you are selected in the form above.

  1. When the quota is increased in your subscription, please create a new solution instance in SAP Cloud Appliance Library.


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  1. Franck POLSTER

    Microsoft azure support solved our problem.

    We opened a non-urgent ticket using “general information” request type (explaining we couldn’t activate our SAP S4/HANA trial because our subscription doesn’t allow to deploy H16m VM).

    MS then contacted us by phone to have some more details (why we wanted to use H series VM)…

    2 hours later, it was possible to use it (in North europe). Because SAP Trial website doesn’t allow this location (yet), we had to ask MS support to allow it to West europe too! 🙂

    Some hours later, our S4/HANA 1610 fully activated is now working fine! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    We just have to try it now!!! lol

    Franck POLSTER (France)



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