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Export data from HMC to CSV file


ImpEx Export is the concept which is used export data from Hybris Management Console to CSV file.

For this process we follow with script generator.

For exporting data from the platform to CSV-files via the Hybris Management Console(HMC) we need an export script which you can generate using the Export Wizard.


Open HMC providing user name: admin and password: nimda

Expand System–>Tools–>Export.

The Export wizard will opens in separate window.

In Export wizard we had 2 tabs Script and Advanced Settings.

Script Tab:


The above screenshot shows the Script tab of the wizard with an already selected export script media. At this tab we have to select or upload an export script media which can be either generated by the Script Generator or created manually.

At this step I am giving giving the Script which is generated manually.

At the Script text box you can see the loaded script and can edit it, or you just start typing a script from scratch.After pasting the script click on Save button. It generates a new ImpEx Content

After you have optionally validated the script using the Validation button you can click Continue to go to the advanced settings tab or you just click the Start button.




ImpEx Content The export script media to use for defining the export. It has to contain a sequence of header lines intercepted by bean shell commands for defining the set of items to export using the related header line. For further information refer to the ImpEx reference.
Mode Selects the validation mode to use for export.
Script Displays the content of the selected ImpEx Content media. You also can edit the content of the text box, where afterwards the Save button has to be clicked for saving the edited text to the ImpEx Content media (if no media is selected a new one is created).

Paste the below script at  Script box and click on VALIDATE button.

Validate button used to known weather the script is valid or not.

Script to be pasted:

Note: Change Content catalog names according to your catalog name

# Macros / Replacement Parameter definitions
$contentCatalogName=Mouri Content Catalog

# Language

# Site Logo Component
INSERT_UPDATE SimpleBannerComponent;$contentCV[unique=true];uid[unique=true]
“#% impex.exportItems( “”SimpleBannerComponent”” , false );”



Paste the above script and click on validation button.

The validation shown the script is validated successfully

Steps to processed:

1.Click on SAVE button to save the script.

2.The new IMPEX CONTENT will generates.

3.Click on NEXT button to move to other tab

Advanced settings tab:

Here we can configure the resulting medias containing the exported data and media as well as specifying a pre-converter.



Code (Target: Data Export) The code of the resulting media containing the exported data.
Code (Target: Media Export) The code of the resulting media containing the exported medias.
Comment Character Comment character to use for exported data.
Converter Converter to use for preprocessing the resulting medias.
Escape Character Escape character to use for exported data.
Export as Allows to optionally convert the CSV file to a ZIP file after export.
Field Separator Field separator to use for exported data.

Steps to followed:

  1. Check Target: Data Export
  2. check the Radio button CSV file.
  3. Click on Start button

We can see the processing screen as shown below.

At the result tab we can see that the CSV File upload process is done successfully. And the result file also shown.

Click on down load file. There we can see the output.


We can see all the Simple banner components exist in the system.


Thank you for reading…Hope it is useful..:)




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