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Gigya is a provider of Customer Identity Management. Gigya works with more than 700 enterprises, including 50% of the comScore top 100 U.S. web properties, and reaches more than 1.5 billion users per month. Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform helps businesses build better customer relationships by turning unknown site visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers.

It can be used for example on SAP Hybris Commerce to handle the registrations and user (consumer or contact) logons. SAP Hybris Commerce provides an integration with Gigya as well. That means that a user logs on via a Gigya snippet, then Gigya creates the user on SAP Hybris Commerce. Gigya supports out of the box various social connect options (e.g. connect with facebook, connect with LinkedIn) and it can also query interests of the user and other information.

To close the loop with marketing Gigya also provides an integration into SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud and SAP Hybris Marketing. Here Gigya replicates the users into SAP Hybris Marketing.


Chart 1 explains the process:


  1. The user registers on a shop via the Gigya extension.
  2. Gigya creates a user on SAP Hybris Commerce, the Gigya ID of the user will be the user ID on SAP Hybris Commerce.
  3. Gigya replicates the user and creates a contact profile on SAP Hybris Marketing with the Gigya ID, the SAP Hybris Commerce user ID and additional data like mobile number, email address, and other demographic data.

SAP Hybris Commerce can replicate user and sales orders (and other data) as well. As users are coming from Gigya, it isnt necessary to set up the user replication from Hybris Commerce.

If the user uses the social connect with a social network, Gigya fetches user data from the social network and forwards them to SAP Hybris Marketing as well.

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  1. Mahendra Bhandari

    Hi Michael,


    Is this something gonna impact or affect SAP Cloud Platform Identity Services? Or in other words, what will be the future of SAP Cloud Platform Identity Services?


    Gigya also offers SSO? Correct?



    ~ Mahendra


    #gigya #sso #SAPCP #sapcloudplatform #identity

    1. Michael Rey Post author

      Hi Mahendra,

      Gigya is providing SSO for the customers of our (SAP) customers, So if you have many shops, Gigya ensures that with one logon the customer of the shop can access all shops with one user and password.

      For roadmap of SAP Cloud Platform Identity service, kindly refer to their public announcements.

      Best regards



  2. Joyca Vervinckt

    Hi Michael Rey,

    Thanks for this interesting blog.

    On I find a similar picture as you used above, but with one less arrow from Commerce to Marketing.

    Is the one on more recent or where does this difference come from?




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