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You thought that getting people hands “dirty” once was enough for me with my last post on the predictive services :

Not at all!! And I decided to get it worse!

Why “dirtier”? Just because a new set of tutorials were added (and I refreshed a little the other ones, so none of them get jealous), also mostly because version 1.8 is now available on the SAP Cloud Platform trial edition!.

First I have refreshed the way I was presenting the data sets, which was required  to cover the new services:

  • Cash Flow

Contains historical cash flow data and date related indicators

  • Census (new)

Contains 14 characteristics of an individual extracted from a census dataset associated to an indicator equal to 1 when the individual earned more than fifty thousand dollars the previous year, else 0 (excerpt from the American Census Bureau database, completed in 1994 by Barry Becker, source:

  • E-Commerce (new)

Contains a single day of Web traffic from an E-commerce site in December 1999.

These data sets were extracted from the SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics samples provided with the product.

Also, now you can play with 2 new services: Key Influencers and Outliers detection services!

I have completely revisited the SAPUI5 application creation:

For those using the SAP Cloud Platform trial edition, I have also released the following “how-to” to control the load on your HANA MDC instance on SAP Cloud Platform trial edition (they are limited to 6GB of RAM):

This how to will prevent you from having capacity issue which might cause a restart of you HANA instance.

These updates were all led by user feedback, your feedback!

The feedback was either collected via the “Provide Feedback” link available on every tutorials, but also thanks to the first few iterations of SAP CodeJam around the SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services!

Yes, SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services is now part of the SAP CodeJam topic as announced here:

Get your hands “dirty” with the SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services!

Our SAP CodeJam are all announced here if you are interested to attend the next one, but you can also host your own one.

Have fun and let us know your feedback!

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