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Establishing Live Data Connection to HANA Views From SAP BusinessObjects Cloud – From Sensor to Cloud – Part 3

This is the 3rd and final part of the From Sensor to Cloud tutorial series.

In this tutorial, we will create a Live Data Connection in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud to the HCP view we created. We will create a model based on this connection and make a simple chart to visualize the data.


  • You have prepared views in HCP (or you have completed Part-2 of this tutorial series)
  • You have access to an SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Account


1 – Inside SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, go to Connections.


2- Create a Live Data Connection


3 – Enter Live Data Connection Details. You can see information such as landscape host in Part 2 of this tutorial series. If you have a trial HCP account, select trial for the landscape host. If all goes well, you will see a confirmation that the connection to the HCP account was established.



4 – Now, we will create a model based on the HCP view in the HCP account that we connected to. We can then consume this model in any story or chart inside SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.



5 – Enter the model details. Select the calculation view you created on HCP in Part-2 of this tutorial series.


6 – Select NONE as the aggregation type so that we can see the raw data. You can modify the aggregation type in order to achieve different aggregations of data.


7 – We are almost done. We will now create a story and a chart based on this model.


8 – Insert a chart.


9 – Select the model we created as the data source.


10 – Choose the specified options for the chart and our data is now visualized.


Every time you refresh or re-load this story, the data in the chart will be updated to reflect the latest data stored in HCP.


This is the last part of a 3-part tutorial. Here are the other parts:

Sending Sensor Data to SAP Cloud Platform by using the IoT Message Management Service (IoTMMS) – From Sensor to Cloud – Part 1

Creating a Calculation View Based on the Table of SAP Cloud Platform IoT Message Management Service – From Sensor to Cloud – Part 2




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  • Hi  Semih,

    for me everything works fine till creating a story, as soon as I select measures and dimensions, I get message "No data available for the chart to render".

    FYI, I am using HCP trial version and not productive one. Does BOC work with trial version? what could be the cause of the error?



    • Hi Yogendra,

      Apologies for the late response. I had email notifications turned off for some reason.

      For trial HCP, you can select Trial for the Landscape Host in step 3 while setting up the Live Data Connection.

      Hope this helps.



  • ​Hey experts! I hope you are fine !! I have a doubt: For users to create models by hana calculations views (BOC only) is it necessary to register the user’s P-USER (or S-USER) also in HCP or just in the BOC ??? I believe it is only in the BOC, but I would like the opinion of our specialists. Can someone fix me? Thank you very much in advance.


  • Hello everyone, this was really helpful.

    I have a doubt, do we need to enter login(Live data connection) details every-time we try to view a report in BO cloud. I mean for the live data connection, doesn't one time login solve purpose.

    Situation : Business User(Viewer) wants to access a report , do I need to send him/her a P User and pwd to establish connection every-time.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tarandeep Singh