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How to Consume SAP HANA Express Edition on Google Cloud Platform

Last week, SAP and Google have announced strategic partnership details are here: and I have shared a blog post

Today I want to share my fist test drive results. First things first, I have enrolled Google Cloud Platform. Before being enrolled I have read what Google Cloud Platform offers about SAP HANA. At the moment there are two main offerings: SAP HANA BYOL and SAP HANA, Express Edition, I have decided to go with SAP HANA Express Edition, since it seems more easy 🙂

Google Cloud Platform is seems free, but in real it is not. After getting enrolled GCP grants you 300 USD free credit, many services in the platfrom are not free, but don’t worry Google does not want to cheat you, all transactions are in good control and no billing without your control.

I have easily enrolled by giving credit card information. Google says this is required, because I might be Robot !

I really like the Google Cloud Platform, it is similar to Sap Cloud Platform, but little bigger 🙂 To be honest I feel myself like Alice through the Rabbit hole. It is not easy to find how to deploy SAP HANA express Edition. But after exploring couple of minutes, I have found my way. But there is one better way: to read a tutorial:

On the left-end side Cloud Launcher is the place that you can found everything you need at the beginning.

After opening the door of Cloud Launcher, I have really entered a great ballroom. I have entered the Database room:

My lovely HANA Express Edition was there at the bottom 🙂

I go with the recommended configuration which is 2 vCPUs and 13 GB of memory, it says that estimated cost will be 142.24 USD by 730 hours per month with 0.195 per hour.

I have deployed my fist HANA Express Edition less than 5 mins.

And ofcourse I have checked my billing status.

More to come…



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  • Hi Sarhan,

    did you manage to connect an HANA Express tenant database created on Google Cloud Platform from HANA studio? I have no problems to connect to the SYSTEMDB and create a tenant database but can't manage to connect to it. I tried to add specific firewall rules as the tenant is listening to a different port but no success.

    If it is working for you which settings did you change in order to get this successfully done?

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Lars,

      I have only changed the default pass of user SYSTEM and tried to connect the host located on GCP with db user SYSTEM however host unreachable 🙁 I am keeping explore.


    • Hi Lars,

      I think this is good read by Craig Cmehil


  • Hi Sarhan,

    thank you for keeping me updated on your progress.

    So far I either had no success in connection a tenant database to HANA Studio.

    I haven't found any tutorial so far which proves that it is at least possible to connect to a HANA Express tenant database at Google Cloud Platform via HANA studio .

    It might be possible that the Google Cloud Platform Launcher is just a proof of concept that you can launch an instance at the platform without any specific practical use-cases in mind yet. The announced partnership is relatively new and it could be possible that this is just a tiny step on the journey ahead to set up the cloud environment.



    • Hi Lars,

      a good chance is GCP firewall prevents you from successful connection.

      As per admin guide - tenant DB uses tcp ports 39040..309099 for SQL connections

      By default these ports are closed, to make them open you want to add a new rule in

      and then add it to the network tags in you GCP VM instance details (no restart is needed).


      I found this approach has fixed the issue for me.



    • same here. how do i install XSA on google cloud ? I have installed HANA Express Edition already, but when i run XS command - it throws error



      • I researched the SAP tutorials and found this link: According to him, XSA is not implemented in this version of GCP using the rapid setup... 🙁

        • Hey Raphael,

          Correct, its not there, I have downloaded the binary which is hxexsa but unable to find the installer what i need to run.


          • Hi Vivek.

            You can traverse to /<dir>/HANA_EXPRESS_20/DATA_UNITS/HDB_LCM_LINUX_X86_64 and run ./hdblcm

            You can follow the instructions to update the xsa component.



  • Good aftrnoon,

    I need help. I have installed the HANA Express in google cloud platform, how can I connect a HANA Express tenant database created on Google Cloud Platform with my local installed HANA studio ?

    thank you.