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When customers visit Amazon, they don’t think twice about buying products. They know in most cases they’ll only have to wait a few days or less for their order. The reason they’ll buy from Amazon in a heartbeat isn’t just because they’ve got the best eCommerce shipping in the world. At the end of the day, it all boils down to trust.

If you sell and ship physical products people will need to put their faith in your business. That applies to large companies too, because even though you might be making money you’ll be letting profits slip away. Lots of people still bounce between the shopping cart and About Us page before buying something, so let’s see why companies shipping products should start a blog.

Showcase Your Authority

If you expect people to buy your products instead of the other ones on the market you’ll need to showcase your authority. It’s easy for anyone to order products from China these days, but if you write articles you’ll show people you know how a great one is made. Making a WordPress blog is quick and easy, but convincing someone you’re an authority on a subject will take many articles.

Get People to Trust You

Do you need to like a company to buy a product from them? Of course not, we all buy products from companies we dislike every day. But you would never buy a product from a company you didn’t trust because you would have no idea if it would actually be shipped out. You would want to know it would arrive in one piece. When companies use a blog to put themselves out there, they’re automatically deemed more trustworthy.

A People To People Business

In the past it was always about business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). Now it’s all about people to people (P2P), which essentially means customers are more likely to buy from someone they know instead of a faceless corporation. Do you think people would have known lots about Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk hundreds of years ago? A blog will let people get to know you, especially if you use photos and videos.

Show Customers Testimonials

Everyone familiar with SAP knows about Quality Management (QM), which is on the backend so customers will never get to know about it. You could say testimonials deal with quality management on the front end because it will let customers know exactly how good your products actually are. With a blog, there are also tricks to showcase this information in a certain way so you can increase your sales.

Keeping Everyone Informed

A blog is the perfect tool to reach out to your customers when something is wrong. You can let them know you’re running low on certain inventory. Tell them when shipping is going to be slower and give them a good reason why. You can do this in other ways like email, but because of low open rates everyone isn’t guaranteed to read them. A blog will also allow customers to go looking for information instead of waiting for an email to pop into their inbox.

Push Them Over the Edge

When you’re selling cheap products someone might buy them without thinking about it, but with expensive products you’ll need to educate potential customers first. It’s not always easy to do that with a simple sales page, and even though they work they’re certainly not optimal. If you write lots of articles about your products you’ll be able to educate readers until they’re completely convinced you have what they are looking for.

Huge Companies Are Using Them

SAP is one of the biggest companies in the world and they have a blog they update regularly. There is a huge number of examples showing even bigger companies using them effectively, which maybe wasn’t the case a decade ago. They’re not all using them to drive search engine traffic to their product pages.

If you want to achieve success you should be following their lead. What kind of content you choose to publish will depend on the business you’re running, but the most important thing is having a blog. Hopefully the reasons we’ve talked about today is enough to convince you it’s going to affect your company in a negative way if you ignore blogging.

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  1. Faisal Iqbal

    The rule applies to individuals as well; if you have a blog and writing frequently, you build reputation as a subject matter expert in longer run. Others, while looking for solutions to their specific problems, come to a blog and if find convincing answers could hook on to one’s blog. They may bookmark your blog, visit frequently and even refer it to others. The result? The blogger earns the trust of the visitors and if offer services to sell, find customers, easier than many others.

    Good summary! : )

  2. Kiara Sanger

    Blog is a piece of content and content is king, be it as a user perspective or search engine, a content always drive quality traffic to your website be it whatever kind of website. Imagine you have a product based website that ships products, it is highly beneficial to have a blog describing the features and reviews of your products. The more you write about your product, the more your product gets exposed the high chances of of more branding.


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