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Software Provision Manager with SL Common GUI (Web Browser)

Background / Motivation

SAP wants to ensure the best User Experience for all SAP tools. One step into this direction is the new SL Common GUI for the Software Provision Manager SP19 PL2 (which includes the new SAPINST 7.49).

  • The SL Common GUI with SAPINST 7.49 (or SL Common GUI for short) uses the SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (also known as SAPUI5), a client-side HTML5 rendering library based on JavaScript. The benefits of this new user interface technology for the user are:
    • Zero foot print, since only a Web browser is required on the client
    • New controls and functionality (for example, view logs in Web browser)
  • The SL Common GUI connects the web browser on a client with the sapinst executable – which is part of Software Provisioning Manager – running on the installation host using the standard protocol HTTP.

Prerequisites and Boundary conditions

The new interface is available for customers and partners only per special request.

  • Open a customer incident on component BC-INS-FWK.
  • Download Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP19 (SWPM 1.0 SP19 PL 2 (contains  SAPinst or higher).
  • Make sure you have one of the following supported browsers on the device where you want to run the SL Common UI: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use Google Chrome.
  • The following boundary conditions apply for the usage of the version of SL Common GUI with SAPINST 7.49 until further notice:
    • Only customers and partners who have requested via SAP incident on component BC-INS-FWK to use the SL Common GUI get access to this respective Note with the necessary setup and usage description.
    • Productive use is supported when using HTTPS.

Screenshot of the new Interface

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  • Hello Mr. Mukkamalla,

    you can use ">sapinst -p" to see all parameter options for sapinst.

    There you also find how to change the default HTTPS port. HTTP is not supported for Software Provisioning Manager.

    I would also like to mention the documentation for Software Provisioning Manager depending on which scenario you want to use (e.g. Installation):


    Best Regards
    Stefan Jakobi
    Product Manager CLM


  • Thank you.

    How can i use chrome browser. I always get the error "ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED", when i open SL common UI.

    sapinst says to use the option SAPINST_BROWSER. but, how do I use this option. I notice the corresponding note 2336746 is removed.