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Integration of SAP ME to Teamcenter

Before proceeding with the integration process of SAP ME to Teamcenter. It is very important to understand the basic concept of the layers where this product lies.

MES => Manufacturing Execution System(MES) is a control system which is used to track all the production related data. These data can be transformed to some useful document which will be very beneficial for the ERP people which can be optimized to improve production output. This helps the decision makers to understand what is the current conditions on the shop floor as it provides a real-time data.
MES can be seen as an intermediate between the ERP system and SCADA or other control systems.

PLM => Product Lifecycle Management(PLM) is the process of managing the entire life cycle of a product from its ideation, through its design and manufacturing and finally to its service and disposal of manufactured products. PLM provides a product information backbone for the enterprises.

For Example:- Bill of Material(BOM), Bill of Process(BOP), Part Details etc.

This blog mainly focuses on how to integrate SAP ME product of MES layer with the Siemens T4EA which is a PLM layer product.

NOTE:- This blog has only covered the SAP ME side configuration. T4EA side configuration is not mentioned in this blog.

Now, we are having an idea about MES, PLM and the products of these two layers which we have to connect. Our main objective is to fetch data from the T4EA which automatically generates product related data and insert these data to our SAP ME database.

It is very important to note that in order to insert any data from T4EA or ECC we need SAP MII. It is a product of SAP which is used for integration and intelligence. So by using MII we can insert data into ME database.

For doing this integration, we have 4 options by which we can connect SAP ME and T4EA as shown in figure below.


As shown in figure we have options as:-

1) XML/Flat file
2) Web Services
4) API

Out of these, this blog will explain the integration using Web Services. In this case we have selected T4EA as a Server and SAP MII as a Client.

For creating SAP MII as a client follow the below steps:-

1) Firstly you need to create a transaction for inserting data using MII workbench. For doing this log in to SAP MII and select workbench as shown below.


2) Now create a transaction under Catalogue tab as shown below.

3) Now create that transaction for inserting data into ME database using PAPI action block which you will find in “SAP ME Integration” category under “Actions” tab. After creating the complete transaction of data insertion it will appear as shown below.

4) Once the Transaction is completed, create a WSDL of that as shown below.


Now this WSDL is shared with the server side i.e. T4EA in this case. After configuring this WSDL on T4EA side web service, the data will start flowing from the T4EA to SAP MII and the transaction in SAP MII will insert the data into SAP ME database.

Note that the similar kind of web service needs to be configured on the T4EA side then only T4EA can send data to its Client using this WSDL.

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      Author's profile photo Chetan Mahamune
      Chetan Mahamune

      Hey Shashank,

      You have explained it very nice. Even newbie like me is able to understand.
      I am also working on same integration part but dont know about the procedure and efforts, Could you share certain links or material which could explain me how to do that integration of SAP with Teamcenter.