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Step By Step Process to Create Crystal Layout for SAP Business One

In this example i will create one layout for Sales- A/R

1.Open SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One.

2.Go To File -> New -> Blank Report . It will ask for Data source to connect.

3.Create a New connection for SAP Business One.

4.Open the connection goto B1Tables -> Category and select the tables as shown below and say OK.

5.It will show up the default BusinessOne Relationships between the tables. If no changes hit Ok

6.Create Simple Delivery note as shown Below

Important Note :
It is important to note that a Crystal Reports .rpt file that you want to define as a layout in SAP Business One must contain a parameter with the DocKey@ token.

7.Create DocKey@ token to set this report as a Layout in SAP Business One.

8.Create a new Parameter and Enter the name DocKey@ and make sure it is a number.

9.Save as the report with some name related to report.

10.GoTo SAP BusinessOne and Administrator -> Setup -> General -> ReportsandLayout Management

11.Click on Import -> Next -> Browse the Report -> select Layout radio button

12.Hit on Ellipses shown there find for relevant document types. Here for example del for delivery and choose delivery Note for Items and hit Choose next say Ok.

13.If you goto Report and Layout Manger it will show up the newly created Layout.

Or Goto Sales A/R -> Delivery and Click on Layout Designer choose the created Layout and set as Default Layout

14.And If you open any Past records and ask for Review it will open up with new Layout applied

Note ::
You can create the layout for one marketing document and apply this layout to another marketing document. When you view the layout for the latter marketing document, SAP Business One automatically redirects you to the tables relevant to that document and displays the correct data, although the layout itself contains the table information relevant to the former marketing document.
For example, you create a layout with the tables OINV, INV1, and so on, which are relevant for an A/R invoice and you apply the layout to a sales order. When you view the layout in sales orders, SAP Business One redirects you to the tables ORDR, RDR1, and so on, which are relevant to sales orders.
To avoid the automatic redirection, do the following:
After you add tables for the layouts in the Database Expert window, rename the tables with the postfix “_ONLY”

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