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If you are a customer who currently upgraded to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and exploring Process Management (Solution Documentation) area of SolMan to document SAP ALM processes, then here is something to consider. Instead of starting from scratch, you can download SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Best Practices Package with already documented SAP ALM process definitions, process diagrams, process steps, executables, and so much more.


  • Solution is created.
  • Branch in Solution is created (ex. Development branch)
  • Logical Component Group in Solution is created


The steps below are applicable to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP04.

1) Set up HTTP connections

To import SAP Best Practices Packages into solutions, the HTTP connections (OCDAPIS and OCDSTORE) must be setup. For details on how to setup these connections, please see SAP Note 2194123.

It is important, that…

  • S-User maintained in the RFC Destinations is assigned to a valid SAP Customer Number and valid in
  • RFC Destinations OCDAPIS and OCDSTORE are working correct:
    • The result for the OCDAPIS Connection Test is 404.
    • The result for the OCDSTORE Connection Test is 200.

2) Add Package to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Basket

SAP Best Practices packages are only available for import in Solution Administration, if they are selected in the SAP Best Practices Explorer (

It is important, that the S-User maintained in the RFC Destinations is the same S-User used to add the package to the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 basket in SAP Best Practices Explorer.

  1. Open SAP Best Practices Explorer using the following link:
  2. Choose With SAP Solution Manager 7.2
  3. Select SAP Best Practices for SAP Solution Manager 7.2, edition 01
  4. Choose Add to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 basket

3) Import SAP Best Practices

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 best practices are now available for import to a Solution in Solution Administration.

  1. Run transaction SOLADM.
  2. Select Solution from the dropdown.
  3. Select Import from Global Functions.
  4. Select option SAP Best Practices Packages.
  5. Select the SAP Best Practices for SAP Solution Manager 7.2, edition 01 for import.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Select branch as target from the dropdown list. If you are selecting a branch with change control integration enabled, then a second dropdown list will be displayed where you have to choose the change document. If there the dropdown is empty and no change document is selected, then an error message is displayed. At this point the import content into Solution will not be possible.
  8. Map the Logical Component Group define in the source content to the Logical Component Group in the Solution, if required.
  9. Choose Import.
  10. The system starts the content import as a background job and displays a message when finished.
  11. Choose Close.
  12. Choose SAP Best Practices Packages tab in Solution Administration. All imported SAP Best Practice Packages (SAP BPP) are displayed here.


SAP ALM processes are now available to view.

  1. Run transaction SOLDOC.
  2. Select Solution with imported SAP BPP for SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Ignore the warning message ‘No Logical Component Group maintained’ at the top of the page; the reason for the message is that there are no systems maintained in the Logical Component Group.
  3. to display ALM scenarios, navigate to the Application Lifecycle Management folder.
  4. To display a specific ALM scenario (for example, Incident Management), navigate to the scenario ITSM_10 Incident Management.
  5. To display a Process Diagram for ALM (for example Incident Management Overview), navigate to the process ITSM_10_00 Incident Management Overview and click on the element type Process Diagram in the Elements screen.

Until next SAP SolMan 7.2 Insights…


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