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If you’re running a business the thought of fraud is enough to send shivers running down your spine. Someone hacking into your website is even worse because they’ll have access to so much more information.

Luckily it’s not as easy to become a victim these days, which is largely thanks to the technology we have available. There are things every business with an online presence should think about implementing if they want to stay safe, so let’s break down exactly what they are.

Two-Factor Authentication

Let’s imagine you’re a bank with millions of customers relying on you to keep their money safe. People could use social engineering tactics to get access into online banking and wipe out accounts within a matter of minutes.

Hackers could do it the old fashioned way by stealing the information when a customer banks on an unsecured WI-Fi network. The end result would turn out the same. Everything would be solved if people used strong two-step authentication technology.

It will send a text message to a smartphone offering a one-time code. There are even apps that do this if customers don’t want to receive text messages. Every business capable of benefiting from two-step authentication should be using it today.

Blockchain is Breaking Out

Although SAP doesn’t have any idea if blockchain is going to stand the test of time, they’re playing around with it as there is no denying it’s a powerful way to secure your business. It’s being used by a large number of financial institutions.

One of the reasons why it’s not mainstream yet is because it’s synonymous with Bitcoin. It’s basically the underlying technology their ecosystem is built on, which we all know is perfectly secure at this exact moment in time because Bitcoin is flying high.

It’s being mentioned because it is not just limited to the financial industry anymore. People are decoding blockchain’s potential for brands and they’re liking what they see. It’s slowly making its way into more and more industries.

SSL Server Certificates

Preventing fraud isn’t only about the security systems you have in place within the backend of your website. They are terribly important, but you also have to factor in what the customers can see. The one thing you’ll never be able to hide from them is your URL.

These days the average person who has access to the internet is smart, so they know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. If they don’t see the ‘S’ they’re not going to enter their data and you’ll scare them away if you’re not careful.

SAP believes any business transferring data over the internet needs an SSL server certificate. Not only do they appease your customers, but Secure Sockets Layer authentication is one more way you can actually keep them safe from those who mean to cause harm.

Extremely Complicated Passwords

Passwords have been around long before the internet, but I’m sure you know how much they’ve changed in recent years. Everyone has probably tried to create a password only to be told it doesn’t have any capital letters, numbers, or symbols in it.

Also, you should always add a box where users create passwords informing them how strong it is. If someone doesn’t see a dark green light telling them their password is very strong they will keep making it longer until it finally does.

You’ll be able to ask everyone to enter a captcha code when they log in too, which will help to stop any unauthorized access. There was a lot of captcha bypass software out a while ago, but the codes are harder than ever to break using automation.

Things Change All the Time

The thing that makes SAP stand out isn’t just the fact their security is among the best in the world. It’s because they know in this day and age things can change within days. You need to keep on top of everything at all times or you’ll be left to suffer the consequences.

All of the technology we’ve discussed today is relatively new, even if it’s been around for a while and gone through a revamp. In the future, you’ll need even more safeguards in place to protect your company, and it should really be more important than anything else because without it you have nothing.

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