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Author's profile photo Daniel Wroblewski

Troubleshooting Guide? It Really Helps!

I’m a pretty big skeptic, so when they came to me to write a troubleshooting guide to help developers with their Git issues, I said great — but would it really help? Would it solve enough of the problems to be useful? Would it address issues in the customer’s landscape?

I wasn’t sure, but I wrote it. I needed the money.

Then something amazing happened.

The Proof Is In the Pudding

I was setting up an account to do a demo of our new Gerrit pane (see the blog). All was fine, and I was confident, I had a done this a million times. I opened up SAP Web IDE, selected Git | Clone Repository, entered my URL, even clicked the Gerrit checkbox, and pressed OK.

Then it happened. I got this error message.

Whatt!!?? I’ve worked with Git a little, even in Git Bash, but what does “Cannot open git-upload-pack” mean? I have to admit: I was stunned and not sure what was wrong. I had butterflies in my stomach…the bad kind of butterflies.

Then I saw it, the little link just above. Git Troubleshooting.

I pressed it.

Would it have the error I was getting? I searched for the word “pack”, hoping I’d get a match. And there it was.

The exact error I was getting. Not only that, but it knew exactly what the problem was — that I had forgotten to install the cloud connector to get access to my Git system inside our company (Git on-premise). The information was accurate, specific, and even had a link to the instructions for setting up connectivity to my Git system.

The rest is history. I installed the cloud connector (which wasn’t as difficult as I feared), opened a channel to my Git system, created a destination … and my clone worked.

That’s troubleshooting.


I must give kudos to Michal Keidar, who pushed the idea of troubleshooting guides (there’s another for deployment and maybe others to come), as well as Yossi Balan and Tomer Epstein for developing the content for the Git troubleshooting.

If you have any ideas for troubleshooting guides or content, or anything dealing with training or documentation, let me know.

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      Author's profile photo Uri Nizan
      Uri Nizan

      Hi Daniel,

      I'm a big skeptic myself, but in this case, it's really worth while to click on the link and find the answer to your issue.

      Great post.



      Author's profile photo Jochen Comes
      Jochen Comes


      my Gerrit pane does not work in Web IDE. When committing and pushing upstream via Web IDE, I see the Gerrit changes directly in the Gerrit Web Interface, but not in Web IDE Gerrit pane. Console shows the following output:

      Gerrit service doesn't have a Git host in the destination config
      Gerrit service- func isGerritProject- don't have all the params- missing Project Name
      However, I believe Git host is correctly set, as I can fetch and push. The project settings Git Repository Configuration does contain a line for remote.origin.url which looks to me as if it was correct and also a line gerrit.createchangeid : true. Any ideas?
      By the way, what is the best place/channel to ask this kind of questions (I believe I could have some more of them ...)?

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Daniel Wroblewski
      Daniel Wroblewski
      Blog Post Author

      Michal Keidar Can you help here?

      Author's profile photo Michal Keidar
      Michal Keidar

      Hi Jochen,

      If you have a license for SAP Web IDE then please open a support ticket for any issue you experience.

      For questions (not issue reporting), you can email us at


      Author's profile photo Martin Haberfellner
      Martin Haberfellner

      Hello Jochen Comes,

      I had the same issue and got it working.

      Here you can find my solution, i hope it helps.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Martin Haberfellner I referred your solution and still no luck.

      Jochen Comes Did you solved the issue?

      Author's profile photo Martin Haberfellner
      Martin Haberfellner

      Hello Former Member ,

      i just updated my solution as it missed an important part..

      You need to set the WebIDEUsage Property to “git_on_premise”.

      I just verified this with a colleague.