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The modern warehouse is the epicenter of product-based businesses. If there are ways to improve the logistics of a company it’s going to have a positive effect on a huge number of things. The only question everyone is wondering about is how things are going to progress as we move forwards.

One thing warehouses are going to rely on more than anything else in the coming years are wearables. Nobody really knows how far the technology is going to take us because it’s so new, but so far it’s going to revolve around communication, productivity, and safety. Let’s discuss each one in a little more depth.

Becoming Easier To Communicate

Even though everyone thinks wearables is a relatively new thing, everyone in warehouses across the country has been using them forever. But if you want to know how to set up a business in the US these days you’ll need to think like the millennial crowd.

Voice control headsets where you’ll be able to speak to employees on the floor isn’t going to quite cut it. No longer will someone have to tell you through a headset the quantity of a product you’ll need to pick up. At least not when you’re wearing smart glasses.

Now the exact list of things you’ll need to collect will be displayed on a screen only you can see. As an added bonus, everything will be connected together and inventory updates will take place in real-time as people are doing their job.

Increasing Productivity Dramatically

Although no real data has been produced yet in a proper study, vendors using wearable devices have stated they’ve seen a 30 percent increase in productivity. It’s hard to argue with that figure if you have any common sense.

If we stick with the smart glasses for a minute we’ll discuss one example where they’ll improve productivity. This example will also rely on beacons, another huge technology about to take the business world by storm.

When you need to find something inside a large warehouse it’s not easy. Beacon technology will show you exactly where every single product is located, plus it will also tell employees the quickest route to get there at the same time.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

Keeping employees safe is more important than anything elseĀ because it involves more than losing money when people are off sick. In a warehouse real lives are at stake and wearable technology is going to solve the problem.

We could look into employers keeping an eye on things like health markers, but we’d be veering too much into the fitness side of things. Instead, we’ll discuss the positives of smart watches combined with GPS technology.

If you’re going into an area of the warehouse where you’re not supposed to go your watch could easily stop you in your tracks. Machines could be shut down automatically if you get too close. Sensors could even shut down forklifts and cranes you walk in front of.

You’ve Got To Look After The Heart

If you look after the heart of operations it’s going to safeguard businesses. Wearable devices takeĀ things a step further by dragging companies up to the next level, even if they’re only small. A few little devices will see profits skyrocket, which we couldn’t have imagined up until recently.

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