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Calculate Your Own Analytics Return on Investment

Your company, like SAP, needs to innovate—to disrupt or be disrupted in order to succeed in today’s digital world. The engine of that innovation is analytics. It’s only with analytics driving the endless stream of data into insight that allows us to achieve data-driven decisions and execute on innovation strategies in real time. We hope you’ll join us and more than 65,000 customers in trusting the innovative power of SAP to deliver a solid return on your investment.

You’ve probably already read the Forrester Consulting study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of SAP BusinessObjects Analytics: Cost Savings and Business Benefits,” commissioned by SAP with the 171% ROI on the analytics portfolio. But, how do you tailor this to your own industry and company size in order to get an idea of what analytics could bring specifically to you? We have developed an ROI calculator, which enables you to do just that and it only takes a few minutes to fill out.

The calculator is very flexible and allows you to tailor it to your business, industry, and situation. First you choose whether you are deploying business intelligence (BI) and predictive together or just one or the other. Next you choose how you will deploy it—on premise or in the cloud.

The tool allows you to adapt the inputs across three core business benefits:

  1. Transformative Business Processes: You can alter the average cost of your processes to your own industry as well as the number of these processes that occur per year. You can use the 60% cost savings that the Forrester Consulting survey found as a guideline or adjust that to your own beliefs and look at different scenarios. The scenarios can be tailored to show results for the entire company or just a specific division.
  1. Predictive Power: If you choose to deploy predictive you can estimate the benefits to your organization. Every industry is different so you can enter your own risks or issues that cost your organization money. The Forrester Consulting survey found that companies were able to achieve a 30% reduction in those costs.
  1. Self-Service Time Savings: The Forrester Consulting survey found that SAP customers were able to achieve a massive reduction in the amount of time to create reports from 15-65 hours to just 1 hour per report. In the section for this benefit you can enter your current report creation times and adjust the Forrester benchmark. With it taking less time to create reports you will free up manpower, which can deliver insights into the hands of more people than before—helping you create a data driven culture. IT can become a more strategic partner to the business—focusing on business value and insights when reports and dashboards take a fraction of the time to produce.

On the cost side, you can also tailor things to your own company size and method of deployment:

  1. Implementation Costs: You can adjust the number of hours needed to the size of your business and deployment as well as adjust the wage rate for the use of internal or external consultants. The calculator gives you an idea of what deployment hours might be given the number of basic and large reports required.
  2. Licensing and Maintenance Costs: This will vary depending on whether you chose to deploy in the cloud or on premise. You define the power users (people who work full time in the analytics system) versus standard users who would be more part time consumers or users of data.
  3. Annual Resource Costs: You can use the Forrester benchmark or your own number of full time dashboard developers and systems support as well as their hourly wage rate to make this more specific to your company or division.

Imagine what it would be like to have the right insights at your fingertips. To be able to see into the future with your real-time data and to predict the results of your decisions. Together we can get you there on a single integrated platform allowing individuals to IT to access the same trusted data.

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Try this ROI calculator today! This is a great tool to help convince your CIO and business leaders to invest in analytics and start the conversation of how you can transform your business. Open your imagination to the possibilities of what Analytics can do to help you innovate without constraints.

Interested in how our customers achieved these benefits? For a deeper look, read the October 2016 Forrester Consulting study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of SAP BusinessObjects Analytics: Cost Savings and Business Benefits,” commissioned by SAP.


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