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My Tickets: Overview of the first CRM7 Service Fiori Application

My Tickets is a new Fiori application delivered with SAP CRM7 that enriches its service management (ITSM) capability.



The CRM7 ITSM solution covers multiple scenarios such as:

  • Incident reporting
  • Investigation
  • Planning
  • Change and approval management
  • Knowledge retention

Multiple actors are involved in these scenarios such as:

  • Business users
  • IC agents
  • IT support & IT experts
  • Change managers & approvers
  • Developers & testers

My Tickets follows a simplified version of the incident reporting scenario from a business user’s perspective, allowing him or her to:

  • Search and display tickets
  • Create a ticket, for himself or herself, or on behalf of someone else
  • Add a description, a category, and attachments
  • Confirm or reject the provided solution

It is important to mention that My Tickets and ITSM components can be used outside of the realm of IT, for instance, in HR or Finance self-service scenarios.


Below, you can see an example of how My Tickets can be integrated to an incident reporting scenario:

  1. ŒThe user creates a ticket through My Ticket Fiori interface.
  2. When the ticket is saved, the system routes it to the appropriate processor.
  3. ŽThe specialist accesses the ticket and replies to the user through the CRM Web Client interface.
  4. As soon as a reply or a solution is provided, the system notifies the ticket creator.
  5. The user confirms the solution through My Tickets Fiori application.

How to Start

Requirements and general information about My Tickets can be found in the SAP Fiori apps reference library and the help portal.

To download the application, two notes are needed: 2353616 for the back-end server and 2363347 for the front-end server. These notes come with an extension guide that explains in detail how to enhance the user interface and the back-end.


My Tickets in the SAP Fiori Launchpad
Ticket creation
Ticket display
Ticket confirmation/rejection


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