The Government of India is planning to roll out GST from 1st of July, 2017 as per the latest update.

Based on the draft Model GST law SAP has started releasing Notes for DDIC changes, Screen Changes, Master Data and transaction data.

The proposed GST India Development roadmap is available in the GST JAM page –

The note contains information based on the Model GST law currently available in public domain. The information offered is subject to change without prior notice due to factors outside/beyond the control of SAP. This version of the note contains a soft switch which customers need to modify in order to test in their systems (refer to SAP Note 2417506 for more details). Since the new rules are not yet out as notifications, SAP recommends that you take legal opinion, along with the documentation of the soft switch provided, before implementing these notes in your productive environment. SAP also suggests that you perform an assessment on the risks involved before implementing this note.

Once the final GST law and rules are available, SAP will release further corrections (if applicable) via new notes.

To get access to this SAP Jam group, please send a request to Do not request via the comment function in this blog and do not publish any private information (like email addresses and S-User information).

Refer to the below SAP note for information on GST prerequisites
Minimum Support Pack level and tax procedure required is TAXINN.
2315692 – Information on GST


The list of SAP Notes for GST solution for S/4 HANA and the order in which they should be applied are below and will be updated as and when there is a new note released-

  1.  2434579 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Changes to Master data- DDIC activities
  2. 2433592 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Changes to Master data

  3. 2434480 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Changes to Transaction data- Data Dictionary activities

  4. 2434497 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Tax calculation based on vendor region and vendor GST classification

  5. 2434329 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Changes to tax procedure and pricing procedure

  6. 2434521 – GST INDIA S4HANA: BAdI definition for screen enhancement in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM

  7. 2434328 – GST INDIA S4HANA: BAdI implementation in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM

  8. 2434513 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Changes for FI Invoice item level screen

  9. 2434330 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Changes to MIRO Invoice item level screen

  10. 2434506 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Utilities

  11. 2434524 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Sales related changes for India GST for sales order creation and Invoice posting

  12. 2434552 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Line item wise tax calculation for sales invoices

  13. 2435160 – FAQ on Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  14. 2467467 – GST INDIA S4HANA: Removal of Country Constant from J_1B_LOCALIZATION_SRV Structure
  15. 2382903 – GST IN – Defaulting No excise entry for GST material in excise tab in transaction – MIGO while doing goods receipt
  16. 2434518 – GST India – Disabling excise invoice creation in background in tcode – VF01 for GST Scenario


Also there is an external GST Jam site created for which all the customers who have got the invitation has the access, where the latest updates and development on GST can be found.
The same can be accessed through-

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  1. Shakir Shaikh

    Hi Brinda,


    Thanks for the informative blog. Could you please provide me access to the GST JAM groups:


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    S-User ID :- S0014282135

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  2. Manikanthan Venkateswaran

    Good Afternoon Ms Brinda.


    I have logged into and read stuff on your other blog “GST(Goods and Service Tax) India Solution” on friday but I am not able to find it now in your blog history (Blogs by Author has only ONE entry now)..


    Please help with that blog for customers who are not yet on the S/4 HANA platform.


    Best Regards

    V Manikanthan





    We have implemented all the above mentioned notes in S4 Hana, still we are unable to see India tab in PO at item level…. pls help


    Thanks in advance…


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