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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Dashboard Builder

Dashboard Builder

For creating and displaying dashboards, SAP provides the Dashboard Builder as standard in SAP Solution Manager 7.2. The Dashboard Builder is a Browser-based tool that enables you to quickly create tile-based dashboards in order to visualize data for analysis. In this blog I want to describe the features from an end user perspective.

In the following video you get a high-level overview of the Dashboard Builder:

Dashboard Overview

The following picture shows an example of a dashboard in the area of Application Operations:

Within the dashboard you can filter on the systems you are interested in as well as on the time frame. The filters can be accessed via the filter icon in the header.

You can also enlarge the charts by clicking on the magnifier-icon in the upper right corner of the tiles:

Detail page

If you want to analyze further, you can click on a tile to get to the detail page. You can also click on a bar within the chart area in order to analyze a specific system that you are interested in:

Within the detail view you can add or remove fields and key figures and also change the visualization. It’s also possible to export the result to MS Excel and to save user-specific variants.

You can also define another layout for the detail page called Drill-Down views. This page includes associated KPI’s (optional) that are displayed in the header and one or multiple drill-down views that can be displayed as chart or as table:

Within the Drill-Down views you can also export the data to MS Excel.

Data sources

It is possible to select predefined KPI’s from the KPI Catalog or to choose custom-specific data sources in order to create visualizations in the Dashboard Builder. The following data source types are available in the configuration mode:

  • BW Query
  • BAdI
  • Function Module
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • Business Process Analytics

The following picture shows the selection of a KPI from the KPI Catalog:

Dashboard Best Practices with SAP Solution Manager 7.2

In the blog from Xavier Dupeyrat you can find some information about the 2 solutions SAP offers to create and display powerful dashboards for the IT and the business: Dashboard Builder and Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager.


The following steps in the SAP Solution Manager setup need to be executed in order to be able to use the Dashboard Builder in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

  • SAP BW needs to be setup (under Cross Scenario Configuration -> Mandatory Configuration -> Infrastructure Preparation – 3. Set up SAP BW)
  • SAP Gateway services need to be activated (under Cross Scenario Configuration -> Mandatory Configuration -> Infrastructure Preparation -> 7. Enable Gateway Services -> Cross Scenario Configuration)
  • BW Content needs to be activated (under Cross Scenario Configuration -> Mandatory Configuration -> Basic Configuration -> Automatic activities -> Activate BW Content for RCA)

More Information

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    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for sharing.

    Could you also please share the features/reports of Dashboard Builder which replace the Alert Management Reporting area (which exists in Solution Manager 7.1) ?


    Please share SAP Notes / links on how dashboards can be build in Dashboard Builder based on systems (an not based on alerts as you have shown above).

    Best Regards


    • Hello Nisha,

      please check the tile "Alert Reporting" under the group "System and Application Monitoring" in the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad. To start the launchpad, just call transaction "SM_WORKCENTER".

      Best regards, Thomas

      • Hello Thomas,

        I have checked the mentioned link but it opens "OCC Alert Reporting" again.

        I am referring to the navigation Technical Monitoring workcenter -> Alert Inbox -> Reporting in Solution Manager 7.1.

        Could you please suggest navigation for same in Solution Manager 7.2 ?

        Many Thanks.

        Best Regards



        • Hello Nisha,

          I'm not the expert in this area, but you should find the same in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 via the tile "Alert Inbox" under the group “System and Application Monitoring” in the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad.

          Best regards, Thomas

      • hi...thomas..

        i want to config system monitoring in Dashboard Builder  tile....

        i am new in Basis..please help in that...

        i want to config sm51,db02,db06,db12 etc monitoring in dashboard.

  • Hi Thomas Paulus.

    Thanks for your blog.

    Where can I get the Unplanned Unavailability dashboard? , Or the Data Provider you use to create the dashboard.

    Could you tell me your contact email?

    Kind Regards.
    Matias Prado


    • Hi Mathias,

      there is no separate entry for this dashboard in the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad. But you can access the Dashboard Builder via the tile "Configuration - Dashboards and Analytics" within the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad. Within the Dashboard Builder the dashboard "Availability Overview" can be found under the category "Application Operations". From within the dashboard you could get the URL to open the dashboard via URL in the end user mode. This could be used e.g. to integrate it as a separate tile in the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad.

      The Data Provider and the key figures are also described in the KPI catalog. The technical name of the BW Query that is used in the dashboard is 0SMD_KPI_ABAP_AVAIL_LIST.

      Let me know in case you have more questions.

      Best regards, Thomas

  • Hi Thomas,

    My question is about the dashboard "unplanned unavailability", because I can not find the KPI associated with this application.



    Kind Regards.

    Matias Prado


    • Hi Mathias,

      the KPI is based on the key figure “Unplanned Unavailable (%)” in the BW query 0SMD_KPI_ABAP_AVAIL_LIST (0CCMPDATA):

      In the tile “ABAP – Unplanned Unavailability” the BW query 0SMD_KPI_ABAP_AVAIL_LIST  is filtered on the key figure “Unplanned Unavailable (%)”:

      Let me know in case you have any additional question.

      Best regards, Thomas

  • Hi Thomas,


    Thank you very much for your help.

    Create the dashboard, but I would like to know how to modify the colors of the dashboard.


    Kind Regards.

    Matias Prado

    • Hi Mathias,

      the feature to modify colors for characteristics of key figure is currently planned for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP05. I will soon write a blog with more information about the SP05 features.

      At the moment you could use thresholds to get a red color in that case. You can do this in the configuration via right mouse click on the key figure structure:

      Then enter * under system in order to define the threshold for all systems and click on the green checkmark:

      In the last step you can define the threshold, e.g. Red if greater than or equal to 0:

      Best regards, Thomas

  • Thomas - Great blog.

    How do I pull solution documentation data into the Dashboard? I'd like to create metrics reporting on documents. Can you please advise.


    • Hello Ramesh,

      thanks and sorry for the late reply. I'm not the expert in the area of Solution documentation, but you could have a look at the class CL_SMUDE_API for accessing data. There is also a demo report available (the report name is RSMUDE_DEMO_STRUC_TSTCS).

      For integrating the data in the Dashboard Builder you could use a BAdI or a function module. For this please follow the steps described in the documentation:

      Best regards, Thomas

    • Hi,

      the data sources are documented in the KPI catalog. You can filter on the application area "Application Operations". You need to have an S-user to log on.

      If you click on one KPI, you can find the data source under the tab "Technical":

      E.g. I used the BW Queries 0SMD_KPI_SYSTEM_AVAIL_OVERVIEW for the availability overview and  0SMD_KPI_ABAP_AVAIL_LIST for the ABAP System availability.

      The dashboard is also available as a template in the Dashboard Builder under the category "Application Operations".

      Best regards, Thomas

      • Thanks Thomas!


        I already did the same however, i can’t make the charts to display in the tile similar to what you’ve done. Mine says there’s no data available although if I double click the tile there’s data in the drill-down. Can you show me your settings if you don’t mind?


        By the way, I’m still using Solman 7.2 SPS 2.


        Thanks in advance!

        • Hi John Paul,

          sure, please find the configuration setting for the System availability overview below.

          Custom-defined colors are not possible with SPS 2. I would suggest to implement SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP05 in order to make use of this feature.

          In case you still don't get any data, I would suggest to create an Incident, so that my colleagues can check the issue.

          Best regards, Thomas

  • Hi Thomas,

    We want to create a dashboard for last 24 hours short dumps . cancelled jobs, transports moved and long running dialog work process. Can you please suggest the datasource and filters which we need to use to get the correct output.

    Thanks & Regards,




    • Hi Kumar,

      I’m not the expert concerning these datasources, but I will ask some colleagues and provide an update as soon as possible.

      Concerning the transports moved, you could use the BW Query “0SMD_VCA2_TRANSP_TEA_TEXT_STR (InfoProvider: 0SMD_VCA2). The prerequisite is that the managed systems are setup via Managed System Configuration. 

      With this query you can report on the number of released transports (filter on Status = “R”). The data is updated on an hourly basis.

      For the cancelled jobs you might check the InfoProvider 0SM_JSM_D. For cancelled jobs you need to restrict on the the characteristic JSM Job Status.

      For short dumps please check the InfoProvider 0SMD_EA1D and 0SMD_EA1H. There you need to restrict on the metric type = ABAP_Dumps.

      You might also refer to the BW Query 0E2EREP_ALLSYS_ABAPERRORSJ_D for the definition. Please note that this query cannot be used directly in the Dashboard Builder as it has mandatory variables. 

      Best regards, Thomas

  • Hello Thomas,

    If I understood correctly, availability dashboard  are available only per system.But if a system has CI and other two dialog instances which in worst case went down. Can I fetch the availability report  per instances?


    Best Regards,


    • Hello Harsh,

      the underlying BW MultiProvider is 0CCMPDATA. This MultiProvider also includes the InfoObject "Instance Name" (0SMD_SINA).

      The standard query 0SMD_KPI_SYSTEM_AVAIL_OVERVIEW used in the Availability dashboard is based on systems. In case you want to report on instances you might need to create a new query based on the MuliProvider 0CCMPDATA and filter on the key figure type "LogClass_Availability_InstPercent". Maybe you can use the query 0SMD_KPI_SYSTEM_AVAIL_OVERVIEW as a reference. If you copy the query and reuse the key figures you also need to filter on the key figure type ""LogClass_Availability_InstPercent" in the restricted key figures (Number of ... ratings).

      Best regards, Thomas

  • Dear Thomas,


    It is a really informative blog.  Thanks a lot. Our requirement is to add SAP system  Availability and Performance tile into our Fiori Launchpad which is configured in central hub method. In other words, We like to use Solution Manager 7.2 as our back-end system in the gateway server.

    How can we achieve this?


    Thanks in advance.


    Abu Sandeep



    • Dear Abu Sandeep,

      thank you and sorry for the late reply. As the Dashboard Builder is not a Fiori application (and the dashboards are not included in the software component ST-UI), unfortunately it cannot be configured in the central Fiori Launchpad. As a workaround you could create tiles in the central Fiori Launchpad that point to the Dashboard URL in the Solution Manager 7.2 and open in a new browser window.

      Best regards, Thomas


    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for sharing. I am new to dashboard builder. I am trying to create a dashboard in solution manager . I am trying to create a standard tile for Application operation but I am getting RFC error.

    Can you please help.


  • Hola Thomas

    Te cuento que estoy investigando como activar Dashboard en SolMan con información de Cambios, he encontrado algunos documentos pero me ha sido complicado entenderlos.

    He tratado de seguir con los pasos del video, consiguiento mostrar datos pero no tengo clara la información que visualizo ya que no estoy familiarizada con los conceptos y transacciones.

    Me podrías ayudar e indicar donde consigo entender por ejemplo que significa 0SPRSNWEEK, o como podría armar un dashboard con los tiempos que utilizo en una solicitud de cambios en sus distintas etapas.

    Estoy mirando de todas formas la ayuda de SAP.

    Muchas gracias!!!

    • Hola,

      can you please let me know which Dashboard / Query you are using. Maybe you can provide some additional information so that we can help you, preferably in English as my Spanish is not so good 🙂

      Gracias, Thomas

      • Hola Thomas,

        Muchas gracias por tu respuesta, la verdad he probado con los escenarios de configuración del Change Control Management.

        Ingreso a la transacción SOLMAN_SETUP

        En Administration

        - SAP Fiori Launchpad

        - SAP Solution Manager Configuration

        - Configuration "Analytics And Dashboards"


        Probando en Dashboard Categories

        - Change Management


        Pero allí solo he logrado cargar datos generales no logro llegar a poder incorporar los atributos que necesito (no llego a encontrarlos)

        Tal vez me falta activar alguna transacción... favor tu ayuda

        Tengo la versión de SOLMAN 7.2 SP08

        Lo que me interesa poder mostrar y graficar es la trazabilidad de  todos los cambios ChaRM.

  • Hello Thomas ,


    Thanks for wonderful Blog.

    I am trying to configure Dashboard to analyze Number of Testing Cycle in CHARM.

    I have done below configuration.


    I could see the result of query in rsrt transaction.


    However, the dashboard works fine sometime and sometime we get this RFC error. But RFC connection is fine.

    Would you pls advise what could be the issue. Thanks in advance



    • Hello Sultan,

      thanks a lot and sorry for the late reply. I think this would need to be analyzed in detail (maybe there are some temporary issues with the Solution Manager BW connection). Can you please create an Incident on component SV-SMG-CA-DBB so that our support engineers can check it?

      Thanks and regards, Thomas

  • Hello Thomas,

    We wanted to use dougnut representation in test suite dashboard in solution manager, but unfortunately it does not allow us to personalise the color legend. And chooses on its own different colors for the values which do not match the convention of the rest of our dashboard.

    Dashboard / Pie representation added a benefit that it shows section A as percentage of all the sections which is not the case with columns for example, but we are really missing out on color personalisation. Any ideas here?

    Best Regards,

    Shabnam Ansari