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Innovate with SAP Cloud Platform to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

An increasingly connected world is placing new demands on all business types – this is posing a myriad of new questions: what data do I need to collect; what is relevant; how should I interpret the information and learn from it; how do I turn insight into action; what should be automated and how; and how do I continuously adapt to manage risk or take advantage of new opportunities?


The answer for SAP is SAP Cloud Platform – an agility layer that allows businesses to collect, manage, analyse and leverage information of all types, to extend and connect to business systems, and to innovate new edge scenarios to allow the business to continuously adapt and advance. SAP is making a significant investment and push with SAP Cloud Platform and this provides a tremendous opportunity for our existing partners to transition their business models, as well as allowing SAP to define and build a next generation platform ecosystem. So what is the strategy, why is it attractive to partners, and why should you come to our party?


Using a cloud platform to deliver continuous innovation is one measure many companies are leveraging to stay ahead of the pack – to out innovate rather than be yesterday’s news. SAP is at the forefront of platform innovation. We realise that the business value is far greater than the sum of the parts when a vibrant and diverse set of innovation partners is enriching on an industry-wide platform at scale, and delivering new customer innovation at speed. That is why our strategy is to equip our ecosystem with the skills and capacity to build new IP on the SAP Cloud Platform and deliver value either as apps (packaged IP), or as very agile digital transformation projects (idea to concept in days and weeks).


As every major vendor has a cloud platform or IaaS/PaaS offering, we also realize that the market is extremely competitive and we have to articulate the value of building this innovation on SAP Cloud Platform as opposed to others’. The short answer is openness, breadth, understanding, enterprise quality, and flexibility: we are combining 45 years of industry experience, with best in class business capabilities, on an open, agile and secure platform that allows partners to extend, integrate and build IP.  The result is significant additional business value to our 340,000+ customers by enabling them to remain agile in an ever changing world, optimize their business to be nimble and run efficiently, and accelerate their digital transformation strategy. Basically, the right enterprise-ready apps, in the right way, quickly.


The value to the customer is flexibility and choice and no lock-in in a multi-cloud world. The reality is that there will be multiple clouds. SAP’s advantage is that SAP systems drive the global economy and digital transformation is an extensibility game. It is impossible to escape legacy – so you need to deliver agility through continuous change by extending and evolving what were once stable core business systems – whilst maintaining integrity and compliance. SAP provides the platform and is already the pervasive backbone of global business which is now being modernized with the introduction of SAP S/4HANA. The ecosystem enriches and enables this backbone making it a win for everybody. So whether you drive digital transformation through pure edge innovation (edge to core), or are looking to start your journey to SAP S/4HANA (core to edge) – partner innovation based on SAP Cloud Platform will be pivotal to success. With 600 partners building IP on SAP Cloud Platform and 15,000 partners supporting our GTM and delivery – this is a great time to be innovating with SAP.


For more information on SAP Cloud Platform partners visit us here.

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