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Step 3. Smart TreeTable UI for Hierarchies

For space requirements this blog has been split in 4 parts:

   Link   Content
Hierarchy evaluation using CDS Table Function  Hierarchy evaluation using CDS Table Function in S/4
Step 1 – Hierarchies in S/4 HANA  Analytics  Step 1 – Hierarchies in S/4 HANA  Analytics
Step 2 – Define the Analytical Query CDS View  Step 2 – Define the Analytical Query CDS View
This part  Step 3 – Smart Tree Table UI for Hierarchies

In continuation to previous blog define the analytical query using CDS here I will create a smart TreeTable UI for hierarchies display.

Define the main application view. For this, open view HierarchyView.view.xml, and replace its content by this code:

<mvc:View controllerName="ZHierarchy.controller.HierarchyView" xmlns:html="" xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc" xmlns="sap.m"
 xmlns:layout="sap.ui.layout" xmlns:table="sap.ui.table" xmlns:smarttable="sap.ui.comp.smarttable"
   <Page title="{i18n>title}">
     <VBox fitContainer="true">
      <smartfilterbar:SmartFilterBar id="SmartFilterBar" entitySet="ZEMH_C_EMPLOYEEQUERY3">
        <smartfilterbar:ControlConfiguration key="CostCenter" index="1" groupId="_BASIC" />
      <smarttable:SmartTable id="smartTable_org_hier" smartFilterId="SmartFilterBar" visible="true" entitySet="ZEMH_C_EMPLOYEEQUERY3" class="sapFioriListReportSmartTable"
       header="Manager Employee Hierarchy"
       tableBindingPath="/ZEMH_C_EMPLOYEEQUERY3" beforeRebindTable="onBeforeRebindTable"
       enableAutoBinding="false" useVariantManagement="false" showVariantManagement="false" useTablePersonalisation="true">
       <table:TreeTable id="hierTable_org_hier" rootLevel="0"
        visibleRowCount="20" visibleRowCountMode="Fixed">

Define a controller(HierarchyView.controller.js) for this view. It is needed, because currently this is the only way to specify certain control Parameters to the TreeTable binding . Replace its content by this code

], function(Controller) {
	"use strict";

	return Controller.extend("ZHierarchy.controller.HierarchyView", {
 onBeforeRebindTable: function(oEvent) { 
           var oBindingParams = oEvent.getParameter("bindingParams");
           oBindingParams.parameters.threshold = 50000;
           oBindingParams.parameters.countMode = 'Inline';
           oBindingParams.parameters.operationMode = 'Server';
           oBindingParams.parameters.numberOfExpandedLevels = 1;

Now development is done ready to run the application :

The application UI shows a filter bar with a costcenter field for data selection and a table below that will display matching employees in a tree. Press Go to fetch the entire hierarchy of manger employee.

From the settings button you can personalize the default attributes. Result shows employee’s hierarchy with cost center and utilization measure , it has a Cost center smart filter as well.

Form the series of blogs you got to now step by step procedure of evaluating hierarchies in S/4 HANA analytics.

Below are the others blogs which you can refer for better understanding of hierarchies in S/4

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How to build a custom hierarchy in ABAP CDS Views

Hope this series of blogs are helpful 🙂

Your suggestions, feedback, comments on this blog are most welcome.


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  • Hi Pavan,

    1. I have a tree table inside smart table. im using local annotation file to create colums of the table. but it gives an error  saying “Neither navigation paths parameters, nor (complete/valid) tree hierarchy annotations where provided to the TreeBinding”. How Can I bind Child properties using annotations
    2. If i include colums in xml view file data is geting bind. But After filtering data (using smart filterbar) data is not get bind correctly

    appreciate u can help. thanks

  • Hierarchy _node id, _parent id, _level, _drillstate, _nodetext data is available in RSRT, Direct Launchpad URL, & Gateway client but for the same query we run in WebIDE only these data is missing do we need to do any setting in the system what is wrong here


  • Thanks for posting.

    This kind of CDS with Analytical Anotation does work for Fiori KPIs?

    Many Times a Simple CDS View with oData isnt enought for getting a Correct KPI (percent, ratios, etc)