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Machine Learning at SAP

Machine Learning, which gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed, is ready to take off.  And SAP is actively providing hundreds of job opportunities around the world in this exciting field.

SAP systems touch more than 70% of the world’s business transactions so by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into enterprise software, this opens countless possibilities to simplify everyday lives and to grow businesses.

Among the thousands of developers at SAP, 120 of them are in the Machine Learning field globally. The goal is to grow that number tremendously and SAP is actively looking for new experts to join our team. From mathematicians to data scientists and business developers, SAP’s teams of Machine Learning experts come from diverse backgrounds to play with real-world business data and be among the first to build practical, intelligent business systems.

Meet the team and take a look at what some of our employees in the field are saying about Machine Learning at SAP:

Senior Business Development Manager for Machine Learning
Berlin, Germany

According to Susanne, we’re creating the future with Machine Learning.

“SAP has to focus on Machine Learning and being part of the first movement is very exciting.”

As a Business Developer for Machine Learning, Susanne is essentially the connection between customers and developers. She studied International Business Development and previously worked in marketing responsible for startups, but really, she always wanted to be close to both the Business and the customer. SAP empowers its Machine Learning teams to enable the whole development side of the Company, including sales & marketing, about how Machine Learning works and that it is an option for developing new software. Susanne now regularly attends customer meetings and speaks with CEOs and CIOs since the topic of digitalization is so important.

“In my current role, I join a lot of customer meetings & events and gain a lot of knowledge about our product portfolio and our industries. I analyze the market, find out the market potential to develop products for customers, and analyze competition. This helps me understand our customers’ challenges and opportunities, and ultimately provide them with something they actually need.

I feel really free in my decisions at SAP. If I analyze the market and suggest where we should go for Machine Learning, my management trusts me. If I decide on something and it eventually goes to the market, I feel proud that my team and I are building the future for SAP.”

Deep Learning Researcher

By exploring the vast, uncharted terrains of Artificial Intelligence, Zhenzhou is building the next intelligent products for SAP. He builds deep learning models for ticket routing for real production purposes and also researches intelligent help-bots for automatically answering tickets in human-like manners with deep generative models.

Zhenzhou has a Master’s degree in Computer Science specializing in Machine Learning and admits it feels great when passion meets work!

“I am given the opportunity to solve some of the most difficult AI problems in SAP. My team is very helpful and supportive of my work – especially our management. They are very humble with no barriers nor power distance. People are respected equally regardless of rank and role.”

Senior Developer in the Machine Learning Platform
Berlin, Germany

Dejan is a Senior Developer in the Machine Learning Platform (SAP Clea). As a developer, he is contributing mainly to the software design and implementation of Machine Learning services and components that are shipped with SAP Clea. His team is focusing on inference serving and model training infrastructure for SAP Clea.

Dejan loves his team, the development opportunities, and the work/life balance possibilities SAP provides.

“The colleagues in the team are very skilled and capable, fun to work with, and we trust each other. Within this team, there are plenty of opportunities to develop yourself in different areas. For example, I can learn about different Machine Learning algorithms and how to build them into production systems. I work with great people and build products that affect many customers – small and large!”

SAP provides a free, flexible, and empowering work environment with many development opportunities. The many different roles within the Machine Learning field create a natural Design-Thinking Workshop environment. The team constantly learns from each other and management regularly encourages them to participate in Machine Learning conferences, trainings, and get the latest education in the form of books and webinars.

So do you think you’re ready to play with data and be on the cutting edge to build practical intelligent business systems? SAP Machine Learning expects more enabling projects, therefore, we need more experts in the field of Machine Learning to help us develop POC solutions for different potential uses. If you too have knowledge in Machine Learning or are a developer with experience in these types of solution, SAP will be glad to welcome you to our team!

Check out SAP’s Machine Learning jobs today and find the right position for you!

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      Hello Adam – Thanks for sharing your team details, i have couple of scenarios which i would like to know if SAP is focusing on building for machine learning, Is there someone who you can suggest i can get in touch with for collaborative effort, if those scenarios dont exist currently in the roadmap.