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DesignStudio SDK: Beeep – A sound idea

Dear all,


As requested by Alex Cruickshank in his question How to make Design Studio play a sound I added a new SDK component called Audio to our community repository to bring some music to our dashboards.

So far it was only possible to inform dashboard users by visual notifications using the standard message box, popups or the SDK notification bar for instance. As of now you can appeal to one more human sense, which is the ear. To do so you need a simple audio file in a commonly used format like mp3 etc. You can have a look at all supported formats here.

As usual when adding a new feature to DesignStudio I searched the web for appealing open-source JS libraries solving the issue most gracefully. Howler.js, which is also used by big players like Google, NASA or Disney made the cut for me and is now hooked up with the new SDK component Audio. The library offers a big variety of options regarding playing and manipulating the source sound. So far I only exposed a minimum subset of options to get the component out there. Feel free to request enhancements if you need any or to fork our repository on GitHub.


Available Functions:

  • Play a sound
  • Stop Playing
  • Applying volume to the sound
  • Assigining exactly one sound file per Audio component and an
  • Event which fires when the sound finishes playing

To be more specific on the type of component, it is a technical one. So you will not find it on the components tree. You need to add it on the outline like you do with the context menu.

Install/Update our SDK components as usual. If you are new to using SDK components find instructions on how to do this here.


Let me know what you think and what kind of music you play to your users 😉




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  • Hi Martin

    Thanks so much for this! I never got round to trying that as the main sponsor didn't want to use it 🙁

    I am going to be sure to get this in somewhere though! watch this space 🙂



    I was excited to see that you had built an "audio" feature for Design Studio.  I have a very similar situation to Alex and would like to play an alert when my dashboard refreshes (it refreshes every minute on a timer).  I installed the SDK but was unable to locate the "audio" component.  Could you help point me in the right direction?




    • Hi Jena,

      have you tried to expand the technical components as in the screen here?

      this is the place where AUDIO component is placed. Let us know if it works.

      Regards, Karol

      • Karol,

        Thank you for your response!  I was now able to add  an audio component.  When I browse to the URL of the sound file, it only displays image files and not any other.  However, I manually typed in the URL/file name.

        Then, on a button click event, I coded the audio to play

        However, when I launch my dashboard, nothing plays.  Any feedback?

        Thank you!


    • Hi Jena,


      I am finally back from my trip. Are you sure the file path to your sound file is correct? Please check your browser's developer console (hit F12 and navigate to console tab) for errors. This feature was last tested with DS1.6. Are you running Lumira 2.x?


      Kind regards


      • Hi Jena,

        There was a problem with SDK changes for Lumira 2.0 and late SPs of DesignStudio 1.6. I just fixed that for Lumira 2.0. Do you need it for an older release too?

        The file picker dialog only supports images by default but you can change the file type manually to "all" so that you can choose the sound file properly.

        Let me know how it goes.

        Kind regards


  • Hi Martin,


    I was looking for the latter one. Do you have sample SDK for this too?

    I checked the blog and found it very helpful. Maybe i will have to read about RESTful APIs.




    • Hi Abu,


      You are welcome. I haven't published any component for Alexa because the interface is very specific. But actually most of the work is on the Amazon Alexa Skill and the integration to your Business Objects.


      Kind regards