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Have a look at the new features available in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 1702, you can access the overview here.


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  1. Former Member

    HI Patricia,


    As most of of the blogs i came across are talking about marketing cloud.

    Does it means Hybris marketing 1702 is only cloud based solution ?

    Is it available for on premise also ?





    1. Krishnendu Laha

      Hello Deepak,


      We are using Hybris Onprem 1702. Although SAP has “Cloud first approach” most of the functionalties  including new Loyalty are available in Onprem.




  2. Former Member

    Thanks Patricia,

    @ Krishna – Yes we are using 1702 onperm where client is having complex architecture and need more flexibility using Onperm solution.

    I came to know that YMKT next version is in pipeline for may 17 so assuming loualty will be coming soon is coming versions.






  3. Former Member

    Hi Patricia,

    I want to understand the limitation/performance of hybris marketing 1702 cloud to educate the end user. Any idea where i can find answers to the following questions?

    1. Is there any limitation in creating number of target list/ campaign
    2. What is the maximum contacts that a target list can hold ?
    3. What is the maximum size of email content that can be used for sending email campaign
    4. what is the execuetion time for campaign after it has been executed ? ( say after we execute how much time to take to start sending mail)
    5. Maximum file size limit for uploading contacts

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