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What’s New in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 1702?

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  • HI Patricia,


    As most of of the blogs i came across are talking about marketing cloud.

    Does it means Hybris marketing 1702 is only cloud based solution ?

    Is it available for on premise also ?





    • Hello Deepak,


      We are using Hybris Onprem 1702. Although SAP has "Cloud first approach" most of the functionalties  including new Loyalty are available in Onprem.




  • Thanks Patricia,

    @ Krishna – Yes we are using 1702 onperm where client is having complex architecture and need more flexibility using Onperm solution.

    I came to know that YMKT next version is in pipeline for may 17 so assuming loualty will be coming soon is coming versions.






  • Hi Patricia,

    I want to understand the limitation/performance of hybris marketing 1702 cloud to educate the end user. Any idea where i can find answers to the following questions?

    1. Is there any limitation in creating number of target list/ campaign
    2. What is the maximum contacts that a target list can hold ?
    3. What is the maximum size of email content that can be used for sending email campaign
    4. what is the execuetion time for campaign after it has been executed ? ( say after we execute how much time to take to start sending mail)
    5. Maximum file size limit for uploading contacts