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SAP Support of Windows Server 2016 in Virtual and Cloud Environments

SAP now supports Windows Server 2016 as a guest operating system in specified virtual and cloud environments.

To check if you are allowed to operate your SAP application on Windows Server 2016, make sure that the following prerequisites are given:

  • SAP supports your application and database version with Windows Server 2016.
    Check the SAP product availability matrix (PAM) for relevant entries.
  • Your configuration meets the prerequisites listed in SAP Note 2384179.
    This note contains further information on applications, databases, and support prerequisites of Windows Server 2016.
  • You use a virtualization solution supported with Windows Server 2016.
    SAP currently supports its applications on Windows Server 2016 guest OS with VMware vSphere and Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2.
    Due to technical limitations of the current version of Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V, SAP cannot support its applications in this version. Therefore, support of Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V has been postponed until a suitable solution is provided by Microsoft.
    Check SAP Note 1409608 for detailed virtualization solution versions and prerequisites.
  • You use the SAP Host Agent version required in SAP Note 1409604 with the required configuration of the SAP Enhanced Monitoring.
  • If you run your SAP application in a public cloud environment, make sure that SAP supports Windows Server 2016 with your application in the public cloud offering.
    Check SAP Note 1380654 for supported SAP applications and database versions.

For the Frequently Asked Questions on Windows Server 2016, see also FAQ Windows Server 2016.


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  • Hi Claudia,


    My company is planning to implement S/4Hana and our infrastructure today runs in Hyper-V.

    As I was reading I noticed that SAP HANA is not compatible with Hyper-V, only VMWare.

    Do you know if Hyper-V is going to be “certified” to run HANA in the near future? Thanks,

  • hi Becky,

    I m not aware of current plans to support S/4 HANA on Hyper-V. S/4 HANA on Hyper-V would require both, the certification of HANA on Hyper-V as well as support of NetWeaver Linux guest OS on Hyper-V. Both support statements are currently not in place.

    Thanks and best, Claudia

  • Hi Claudia,

    In my company, we are planning to implement SAP Data Services 4.2 SP 9 in a virtualized bare-metal environment with Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 and Windows server 2016 as a guest operating system.

    I would like to know if this is feasible?




      hi Victor,

      unfortunately not, as SAP applications on Windows guests are not supported with Red Hat virtualization and it is also not on our roadmap.

      For the list of supported virtual environments, see SAP Note 1492000 or for Windows guests see SAP Note 1409608 .

      Best regards, Claudia