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Part 12 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 (+ SPS03) : Basic System setup:Basic Configuration

Hello Friends,


We are at the very last step of configuring system. We successfully completed Infrastructure Preparation step


First Execute all Automatic activities as below


Step: Schedule Jobs

Look fro the jobs you required and Schedule them



Step: Configure Manually


Business Partner for Scenario Users

To schedule the periodic background job, proceed as follows:

1.Start transaction BP_GEN.

2.On the entry screen, make the following entries (for all other selection fields keep the default values):

◦Under RFC Destination, enter NONE.

◦Under Identify Users and Business partners by, select E-Mail Address if an e-mail address has been defined for the SAP Solution Manager users in transaction SU01.

Otherwise, select User Name.

◦Under Program, uncheck the Test Mode option.

3.Choose Program -> Execute in Background and schedule the job periodically.

4.Change the user of the background job.

The background job is scheduled for your logged in user. It is strongly recommended to change the user for the scheduled job to the SOLMAN_BTC user which has been defined under SAP Solution Manager Configuration > System Preparation > Maintain Technical Users.

You can do this in transaction SM37.

Change job : AI_SDK_USER_BP_GEN to run as SOLMAN_BTC user


Configuration for Rapid Content Delivery

1.Start the Configuration for Rapid Content Delivery activity.

2.Select the Automatic Download of new content checkbox.

3.Choose Confirm to save the changes.


For more information you can look SAP note : 2383652 – Configure NetWeaver Download Service for Rapid Content Delivery


Delete Session Documents and Download

Define job and check job


Service Content Update Configuration

  1. Mark the following checkbox : “Automatic download of update information”, “Automatic download of available content”, “Automatic activation of download content”
  2. Select “Schedule in Batch” to download content updates automatically
  3. Choose Confirm


Schedule Application Log Cleanup

For more information, see SAP Note 1911102.

Logs as below



Step: Create Basic Dialog Users



 Step is completed


Now system is ready for Managed system Configuration on SAP Solution Manager


Thank you for reading



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  • Hi Yogesh,

    Can we schedule the jobs directly from SOLMAN_SETUP with user SOLMAN_ADMIN?

    (or) Below should be followed.


    You have created a user to schedule jobs for background processing. For more information, see USER_SOLMAN_BTC.

    Thanks in advance


  • Thanks for the reply.

    SOLMAN_BTC is already exist in system.

    If we schedule the planned jobs from SOLMAN_SEUP , Can they get scheduled with SOLMAN_BTC automatically ?..I did the same..but they are scheduled with how to correct them?

    Thanks in advance


    • The one configured with Solman_admin you can leave them as it is and program will configure jobs automatically when its needed with solman_btc (during configuration wizard)



  • Hi Yogesh;


    I had on Basic Configuration -> Schedule this Job. “SM:UPLOAD SYSTEM DATA”

    The job SM:UPLOAD SYSTEM DATA was finished in sm37 I get this massage:

    Job started: Step 001 started (program AI_SC_UPLOAD_SYSTEM_DATA, variant , user ID SOLMAN_BTC)
    The system data uploading is not performed due to the global setting.
    Job finished.





    • Hello Reza,

      You mignt need to look SAP note below

      2177157 - Uploading system data in Solution Manager 7.2 (Section : Prerequisites)

      UPLOAD_SYSDATA_GLOBAL_SETTING = 'X' setting is depends on your Solution Manager system role (Production or Development)

      Please let me know if you still have question.



    Hi Yogesh,

    Thanks for reply again,

    I Have “Super admin” authorization for SUSER and have this rolles too:


    Do I need some thing more?



  • Thanks for reply.

    Should the HUB  communication user that we used for exchanging data between SAP Solution

    Manager and the SAP Support Portal (used in solman_setup ->  / System Preparation) be 

    member of Support Hub Communication application and have been identified as a Super




    Hi Yoges,


    You was correct, After i had change the IT Admin Role to Production system , it's works fine.











  • Yogesh,

    My sincere and deepest thank-you for these most excellent, thorough, easy to follow, 12 part, step by step, configuration instructions. You have helped me get a new Solution Manager 7.2 installation up and running in record time and for that, I am eternally grateful.

    "Thank-you" seems far too small a phrase to express how much you have helped me but it is all that I can say.

    Thank-you. Truly. Thank-you.

    Deb Nugent.


  • /
  • Hello,
    Your contribution is excellent, it is very much appreciated, but I would like to consult about the basic configuration of solman, I did the whole process in a 000 client, I would appreciate clarifying if that is correct or should I do it in a 400 client, or at what level of the configuration should I change of client to leave it working in a productive environment.
    best regards