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How to create Fiori Tile opening Analysis for Office for Analytical query


In this post I am going to show how to create Fiori Tile for Analytical query in case of S/4HANA system.

Analytical query could be for example:

  • CDS view based analytical query visible in Query Browser App
  • Standard BEx reporting or planning query

Query could exist in:

  • In BackEnd server of S/4HANA system, for example in case of CDS view based analytical query
  • In External SAP BW system, for example in case of Corporate Data Warehouse approach

Using this approach Fiori LaunchPad could be a single entry point both for transnational and analytical purposes. But using Analysis for Excel reporting client as simple and known to analyst user reporting tool.


  • Analysis for Office should be installed at client machine
  • At the FrontEnd server part of S/4HANA system in SICF t-code service /sap/bw/analysis must be activated


  1. Create a Fiori catalog in t-code /ui2/flpd_cust at FrontEnd server part of S/4HANA system or use existing one. This is needed for accumulate Fiori tiles of analytical reports.

2. Open Fiori catalog and create a new static tile:

Enter Title, Subtitle (in needed) and Target URL.



Target URL should include server and port. You could find it when test a service in SICF t-code.

Include analytical query technical name in URL.

In our example analytical query name: 2CCCHARTOFACC

Save configuration and check that Fiori Tile now appears a catalog.

3. At FrontEnd server part of S/4HANA system create a new role in t-code PFCG or use existing one, assign Fiori catalog to Menu in this role.

4. At FrontEnd server part of S/4HANA system assign role to a user in t-code SU01.

5. Open Fiori LaunchPad at FrontEnd server part of S/4HANA system in t-code /ui2/flp or directly by browser link.

6. Add a new Fiori Tile to a Fiori group that you prefer by Editing Home Page. Now you could see a new tile in Fiori LaunchPad.

7. Open it. Analysis for Excel will be opened.

Additional Notes:

  • You could make steps 1-2 for many analytical reports.
  • To open report in PowerPoint part of Analysis enter POWERPOINT instead of EXCEL in Target URL.
  • Depend of configuration you need to enter credentials, I am not expert at this area and could not explain details to configure.
  • To make it useful for user create a Fiori group with this Fiori Tiles and assign it to role. In this case uses will see this Tiles in Fiori LaunchPad without step 6.


(!) Additional approach with semantic object and target mapping:

In step 2 below use option semantic navigation instead of URL.

create target mapping with system alias and parameters.

With semantic object solution you will not have problems with DEV-QA-PROD adaptation of URL.


Thank you for attention!

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  • Great post thank you! I tried the same but somehow only get a file called analysis.sapaox. Is this right? When opening this file with BO Analysis it ends with an error immediate but no details.

    Could you please confirm you also download these sapaox files first and then BO Analysis is opening the query itself?

    Are there any prerequisites I have to fullfil? BO Analysis version or BW release?


    Thanks a lot!


  • Great Post . Thank you for sharing the information.

    As seen in above scenario we can only map ONE Analytical Query to ONE Tile. Due to this only one query can be tagged / opened in Analysis Office which is quite similar to hardcoding.

    I would like to know, is there any possibility that we can assign multiple Analytical Queries to Tile / Tiles and they can be open seamlessly in Analysis office ( similar to opening of Analytical Queries in SAP Design studio)  rather than restricting to one tile.

    Any idea pls.


    Jyoti Jain

    • Hi, an option is:

      1. Create workbook, add there queries you need to open, charts, formation etc.

      2. Modify link to:


      Br, Maksim

  • Hello Maksin, Thank you for sharing the information.

    Actually we are trying to implement the same solution described here but unfortunately when we click on the tile the following message comes up on the browser:


    Is there any additional configuration to be done on the server or S4HANA side?



    Tiago Pinto

  • Hi Maksim,

    Very informative post.

    I had a security-related question related to custom Analytics query.

    How can we restrict access to custom analytics query that is run through query browser?

    A developer might publish a custom query in production. Anyone with access to query browser would be able to access the published query.

    Can you please help?



  • Hello Maksim,


    Great Post.


    I tried to dio it the way you described it. I created a new Tile in my Catalogue. The URL I used is:



    Z_SDORDER_REP_UK is the Query I created. I am able to use this Query in RSRT in Backend. But when I click on the Tile, a file analysis.sapaox is downloaded. And when I start the file Excel opens, and then the Message: No Service Implementation is available appears.

    Could you help me?

    Kind regards


    • Hi! As I understood you create BW/BEx query - right?

      Do you activate service /sap/bw/analysis in back-end system where this query is placed?

      If no - activate it, test service and copy link with correct server port name and paste it to you Fiori Tile link.

      Br, Maksim

  • Hi Maskim,

    Good to know!

    Btw these days in S/4HANA (1709 and above)  you can also create a URL tile using a separate tile definition and target mapping.  Advantage is you can assign a system alias to the http protocol/host/port combination so that you can change it as you move from DEV, to QAS, to PRD. It also makes it easy to define additional target parameters.



  • Hello,

    Do you know where we can find this part?

    "Depend of configuration you need to enter credentials, I am not expert at this area and could not explain details to configure."

    Thank you for share!

  • Hi Jocelyn Dart,

    Could you please share the  any blog/ document for below suggestion.

    In S/4HANA (1709 and above)  you can create a URL tile using a separate tile definition and target mapping. It makes it easy to define additional parameters.