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Dynamic change of data sources on runtime based on selection

Backend : HANA Studio.

Reporting Tool: Design studio 1.6

Business scenario: To display all suppliers with all standard benchmarks like best unit price, optimum delivery time, frequency of purchase orders made and quality of service provided by suppliers over spend based on selection of material.

Reporting Solution:

To display various measures dynamically in a single chart by changing multiple data sources during runtime in design studio 1.6. based on given selections.

I have created script based calculation views in HANA studio based on the requirement for best unit price vendors, vendors with optimum delivery time, frequent vendors for whom  purchases are made and Quality materials servicing vendors.

These calculation views are used to create data sources in design studio.

Now a chart is binded with column combination dual axis chart .A dimension filter is binded with above multiple data sources in target data sources such that they dynamically change at run time based upon selection of values from check box group.

I have created a checkbox group with required selection items from above data sources.

On select event: we need to include the below shown java script.

Whenever one or more values are checked the corresponding column combination-dual axis chart should display the corresponding data sources measures in chart.

This way the required output is displayed. 


For single selection ,We can see only suppliers with best unit price quoted below.

For Two selections,We can see only suppliers with best unit price and optimum delivered suppliers classified under in time and on time .

For three selections:We can see only suppliers with best unit price, optimum delivery time and frequently purchasing suppliers .

For four  selections:We can see best unit price optimum delivery time, frequently purchasing vendors and quality materials servicing suppliers based on user selections.



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      This is good blogs for beginners in design studio. Good presentation. Keep it up.



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      Very Nice blog and its useful. Thanks a lot for sharing the same.

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      Commendable work. Definitely informative and useful content.

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      Very good and informative blog

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      Good Information in the blog. Thanks for sharing!

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