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With our February 2017 release, we are excited to launch our new server-side integration between SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Exchange).



Key Features:

Our users can now be productive in any e-mail client including mobile and tablet.

You can synchronize the following information from SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer:

  • Contacts, Accounts, and Individual Customers
  • Tasks
  • Appointments and Visits
  • E-mails

You can work with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer without leaving your inbox by doing the following:

  • Creating items in your SAP solution from your inbox
  • Viewing data from your SAP solution in the context of an e-mail, appointment, or visit
  • Searching for items in your SAP solution

Quick comparison:

Supported Groupware systems Client-side Integration Server-side Integration

Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016

Lotus Notes 8.5.3

Exchange 2010+ for sync,
Office 365
Outlook add-in supports Outlook rich clients
(Windows and Mac)
Outlook Web App, OWA for Devices or Mobile browsers (requires Exchange 2013+)
Supported objects and scenarios




Visits (Outlook only)

Attach emails to SAP objects (assign in add-in)



Individual Customers



Attach emails to SAP objects
(via Outlook add-in)

Synchronization Filters Fixed (‘My’ queries) Configurable with Sync Profiles
Supported end-user devices Microsoft Windows only Microsoft Windows, Mac
OWA on mobile devices on iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Attachments support Yes Yes
Additional information Field mapping is fixed (standard fields only) Custom fields supported via Smart Descriptions
User interaction Rich user-interaction using the inbuilt side-panel which provides access to Feeds, Shelf, Notifications etc. Rich user interaction possible (via Outlook add-in) on a wide range of devices
Single Sign On Supported Supported

Manual sync and auto-sync at fixed intervals

Client-based synchronization

Auto-sync in the background
Server-based synchronization
EWS based sync infrastructure
Deployment Client based Outlook add-in installation on end-user machines
Centralized deployment via third-party tools
No client footprint or deployment required
Centralized deployment for Outlook add-in is possible

With server–side integration, you can effectively use the features and functionality of the rich client-side integration without the complexities of an add-in or a user-based sync process.


Key takeaways:

  • Provides most of the functionality of a client-side integration with NO add-ins required
  • Simple to use and there is no user sync cycle to worry about
  • Server-side sync can be configured by the user/admin to filter just the dataset the end-user requires
  • Add-in provides real-time access to Cloud for Customer data associated with an email, task or calendar entry
  • Basic PIM types (Contact, Task and Calendar information) available offline across all devices
  • Contextual and detailed Cloud for Customer data available online from within Outlook on a wide range of devices
  • Simpler deployment process


Note: Our existing client-side integration continues to be available and will be actively developed. As a customer you have the choice to use either solution (but NOT both at the same time).

Please reach out to your SAP contact for further details on the new server-side integration.


UPDATE: With our May 2017 release, we have now released the server-side integration with Gmail (including a new Chrome extension).

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  1. Loganathan P


    Why Gmail Add-On is not considered?Any there any specific reason? Because some of the clients are having corporate Gmail IDs




  2. Frankie Fan

    Hi Ankan,


    Where to download this outlook server side add-in? In my C4C, I only found the “Add-in for Microsoft Outlook” which is the client side add-in. Could this one be installed on outlook exchange?


    Thanks & Best Regards,


    1. Ankan Banerjee Post author

      Hi Frankie,

      The server-side integration is new functionality that has contractual dependencies (it is not available to all customers out-of-the-box).
      Please reach out to your SAP account executive for details around it.


  3. Radoslaw Stefaniak


    is this server-side integration also valid for MS Exchange in Cloud?

    where can I find any technical documentation regarding server-side integration? – there is not so much in and in C4C academy.



  4. Jared Clemetsen

    Hi Ankan,

    Does the decision to utilize the server-side integration have to be made at the enterprise level, which would affect all users, or can it be made at the client level? For example, we may have some users that still want to use the Outlook Add-in and not the server-side integration. Reading the above note from your blog on this point, it could be perceived that one user can not utilize both solutions, but it isn’t clear if this rule also applies to all C4C users utilizing the Outlook server.

    Thank you,


    1. Ankan Banerjee Post author

      Hi Jared,


      Yes – the decision can be made to enable ONLY select users for server-side groupware integration while others continue to use client-side groupware.

      The restriction is that a single users can’t be using BOTH at the same time.


  5. Benedikt Briol

    Hello Ankan,

    our business really likes the features of the client based “side-panel”. Is it still possible to use the side-panel with the server-side integration or will this feature be lost?


    Kind regards,



    1. Ankan Banerjee Post author

      Hello Benedikt,

      The server-side integration has it’s own ‘side-panel’ – there is a new server-side add-in (optional) which provides the same features as the existing client-based side-panel.


  6. Anne Taelman


    Some of our end users only use an iPad. What are the functionalities when not using OWA (Outlook Web Access)?

    On the Q&A of the server-side webinar hosted on the 30th of May I read  that contacts, tasks and calendar events can be synced & modified directly from C4C in the standard iOS and Android apps. But is it also possible to create a contact, task and calendar event in a standard iOS and/or Android app and synchronize to C4C? In this case you have to download a OWA app?

    Many thanks for your advise.



  7. Dimitris Doulamis

    Hello Ankan Banerjee ,


    Thanks for the blog it is very informative.


    What i would like to ask is how can we achieve automatic sync for all emails, from Outlook to C4C.

    For outgoing emails we have the send and save which syncs the email to C4C upon sending.

    For incoming emails in Outlook is there a way to setup to automatically sync them all to C4C?

    Furthermore can this happen to the client-side or we need the server-side integration?


    Best Regards,

    Dimitris Doulamis



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