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Author's profile photo Jerry Janda

Release Highlights, as of February 16, 2017

With the latest SAP Community release notes, we have expanded some of the features released last time — as well as added similar functionality to other solutions.

We have also delivered a workaround for one of the most hated bugs in the new platform.

On top of that, we released new notification features and search improvements.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the current STAUS UPDATE for features and fixes…

    • An interim solution for the biggest, baddest bug is in place. When members spent many minutes writing an answer, they would receive an error message (shown below) when attempting to post — and they would lose their work. This bug has been reported in several places throughout the community, such as in this discussion and in this one (and perhaps most monkey-fightingly in this Monday-to-Friday Coffee Corner conversation). While a permanent solution is a few months away (as it’s based upon a major upgrade coming from the vendor that provides the core product), this current fix should mitigate the problem for now.
    • The last release introduced a new option that allows you to choose the tags you follow as the primary and additional tags when creating a question. This functionality has been expanded to include an option for selecting your favorite tags — meaning the tags that you use frequently — as well.
    • The option that allows you to choose your followed and favorite tags as the primary and additional tags isn’t just available for questions. With this release, you can also choose the tags you follow or use most when preparing a blog post.


    • Another previously released feature for questions is also available now for blogs. Specifically, you can filter blog posts by the tags that you follow — just as you can with questions.


    • A new notification type has been added. You will now receive notifications when any of your answers get accepted.
    • The notification counter previously displayed the number of unread notifications in your notifications inbox. With this release, this counter now shows how many new notifications you have received since you last accessed this inbox. Accessing the inbox will clear the number from the counter. We realize that this new functionality leaves a gap, as users now can’t see the number of their unread notifications. To tackle this problem, we are working to implement a message in your inbox that also shows the number of unread notifications.
    • Based on discussions criticizing our site search, we adjusted the fuzziness level to improve the number of results. Other new search enhancements include crawler optimizations and better auto-completion when entering search terms.
    • Some members (primarily Firefox users) were reporting that they were receiving error messages when attempting to add comments to a blog post. This bug has been resolved.

As always, please continue to report bugs and share feedback, as your input helps us prioritize features and fixes. We particularly interested in hearing your opinions about features that, if made available, would help us recapture the sense of community that members miss most. We are especially interested in hearing about your top 2 things that most important to you (such as a missing feature you think is needed). Again, this type of feedback helps us prioritize.

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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      How does “most used tags” work exactly? According to the dropdown, currently my “most used” tags are MM, Fiori, and HANA, which couldn’t be farther from reality. Although I guess it depends on what “used” and “most” means…

      Edit: "top 2 things" already shared here

      Author's profile photo Moshe Naveh
      Moshe Naveh


      Hi Jelena,

      I asked IT to change the phrasing to "Recently used" as it better describes the functionality.

      Thanks again,


      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      OK, "recently" makes more sense, thanks! But I'm still confused about the "used" part. Since this field appears when posting a question wouldn't it be more logical to consider the tags I used to ask a question before? This would limit my list to 2-3 tags.

      In the example above I happened to comment/answer on the questions in all kinds of random tags. Since my comments are frequently just to guide the "askers" on better search or requesting more details, such tag list is not very helpful when asking my own questions.

      If one is answering in a tag it doesn't mean they'll ever use it to ask a question.

      Author's profile photo Jamie Langskov
      Jamie Langskov

      My understanding is that it is collecting any tags that you've taken action on (as you describe).  We'll feel out how this functionality works in the short term and make adjustments based on cumulative user feedback on the current logic.  Another area of interest is to add suggested tags based on the content you are creating (e.g. in your blog post), but this functionality is not fully vetted out yet.  Something we're looking into.  Hope that helps clarify at least, where we are going with all this.



      Author's profile photo Vadim Kalinin
      Vadim Kalinin

      Also strange for me to get a Coffee Corner tag in the "Ask Question"...

      Author's profile photo Moshe Naveh
      Moshe Naveh


      Yes, Vadim, it's a bug and shouldn't be there. We are working with IT to resolve it.

      Author's profile photo Paul Hardy
      Paul Hardy



      Once again, many thanks for keeping us up to date. Just before Christmas it was announced that the SCN email notification ability would be re-enabled "in January". I had presumed that meant January 2017.


      Now that February 2017 has gone by, is there any further update as to when you might get this working once more?


      This is somewhat like my Australian online bank account. I have two accounts with the same global bank, one in the UK, one in Australia. Up till about three years ago both online bank accounts tracked withdrawals from the current account pretty much in real time. However approx three years ago the Australian subsidiary upgraded their computer systems and ever since, transactions show up instantly in an aggregated "on hold" bucket (which you have to press a separate button to see, thus rendering the current balance on the main screen meaningless) and it takes two to three weeks for the details to be broken down into individual transactions and show up on the main transaction history screen, rather than straight away like they did in the old, obviously inferior system.


      Worse still I know what software system the bank runs. Can you guess?


      Cheersy Cheers



      Author's profile photo Jerry Janda
      Jerry Janda
      Blog Post Author

      Worse still I know what software system the bank runs. Can you guess?

      Oracle? 😉

      (I fear I know the true answer, so please pardon the joke.)

      RE: e-mail notifications

      Now you can see why I'm always reluctant to post what's coming (as opposed to publishing what's been delivered). I know members want (and deserve) to know development plans, but I always feel like a liar when we promise a date, then miss it. (I said that we'd have a solution to the broken links weeks ago, and here we are...still a few weeks away, I'm told.)

      Last I heard, e-mail notifications were scheduled for this month (March), but I'll stop short of guaranteeing. From what I understand, the feature was indeed ready to roll out, but some testing/feedback made us think that it might be premature.

      I can assure you that it's a priority though. And I can also assure you that January was not meant to imply January 2018. Or 2019. Or...

      Well, you get the idea.

      Best regards,