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ADT 2.73 comes along with a new breadcrump feature

Hi ABAP community,

the new client version 2.73 of the ABAP development tools for eclipse is out now. This is the client that perfectly fits to the AS ABAP version 7.51 SP01 but it comes with a really cool addition to the ABAP editor breadcrump which is usable on all ABAP release versions.

I’m sure you know this situation in your daily life as an ABAP developer. You are coding on a long deeply nested ABAP code with selects, loops and if statements. But you have completely lost the overview in which part of the nested statement you are currently code. In the SE80 you now typically look on the footer line of the editor to see where you are. And what about Eclipse? In ADT you now look on the top of the editor and you will find the breadcrump with nested statement information:



In the breadcrump you see all the information that you need. It is even better that in SE80 because you can also hover on the statement and you see the full statement:


Or you click on the small triangle to see the full outline of the class in the breadcrump.




What do you think? Isn’t this a cool Monday morning surprise 🙂


And this is not all. For all of you having already installed 7.51 SP01, you can now also create DDIC domains with a native ADT editor. See the blog post from Wolfgang Wöhrle to learn more about it:


Have Fun.

Regards Thomas,


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  • Hi Thomas,

    nice one.

    What do you think is most efficient way to access the breadcrump via keyboard?

    Well, pressing CTRL+SHIFT+TAB two times does the job, but it's a bit laborious. Do you think it's possible to provide a key binding?

    Regards Christian

  • Hi Christian,

    currently, 2 x CTRL+SHIFT+TAB is the only way to access via keyboard, but it's a good idea to provide a key binding for it. Where would you expect the focus to be placed? First or last element of the breadcrumb?

    Best regards,



  • /
  • Hi Thomas,

    Especially this sentence made me happy:

    " but it comes with a really cool addition to the ABAP editor breadcrump which is usable on all ABAP release versions."

    It's good to see that not all feature requires the latest backend version 🙂

    Best regards,


  • Hi Thomas,

    nice to see this feature now also in ADT.

    I am using it in SE80  a lot.


    Feature Request: 🙂

    I think it would be great if the breadcrump feature will also display the scope (public/protected/private) if you are in a class definition.

    • Hi Alexander,

      you can recognize the scope via the color of the icon in front of the method name. Green means public.




  • Cool feature, I had been missing that!


    I just got 2.73 today, as Eclipse reminded me that there are updates available.


    Then I was wondering what might be new, and went searching for feature-description here in SAP Community.


    We don't have a tag for AdT, like we had as sub-space back in SCN, do we?

    I think it would be nice, as AdT-specific blogs don't get the visibility they had, now they are all in the big "ABAP Development"-Tag...




  • Hi Joachim,

    yes, this is a well known "limitation" in the new community. But we have the user defined tags that you can use to mark blogs accordingly. My hope is that these tags consolidate to 'ADT' for eclipse related topics.



  • Hi an additional feature I noticed,

    on display for an IF ELSEIF ELSEIF statement you may click on a branch and get there. No more searching for matching ELSE for an IF, great !!!


  • Breadcrump? Is that like crumbs from a crumpet, or some kind of explosive bread? 🙂

    (sorry, couldn't resist)

    For those not familiar with the origin of the term as used in IT:
    It originates from Hansel and Gretel fairytale, in which Hansel left a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest so he would not get lost and could find his way back again. Similarly navigation breadcrumbs are to find your way back along the traversed objects.

    For the German speakers:
    Crumb = Krümel
    Crump = Waffen-Donner, Granate

    • Hi Michael,

      ADT Tooling for Oxygen is not yet officially supported. We are still in the testing phase SAP internally. But we are quite optimistic to support Oxygen with our next client 2.80.






  • Hello,

    If you mean this:
    And if there were no updates since my last comment end of June, then thanks, but no.

    A non-working class editor is not really a minor bug 😛  I can wait.



    • Hi Michal,

      your are right. We are still waiting for the next version 2.80 on the update site.

      The bug with the class editor is fixed then. I will update you when the version is available.


      Sorry and Best Regards,


  • For those like me, wondering why this feature disappeared suddenly, use Left SHIFT + Left ALT + B to toggle the visibility.

    Found in the Customise perspective window


    Customise perspective screenshot