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Last year they said virtual reality was finally becoming very popular, and it’s no surprise it’s going to keep growing with every month that passes by. In fact, it was only last year SAP turned up in Austin to attend the SXSW Festival and show off their new toy to a large audience.

They wanted to show off Digital Boardroom in a VR experience everyone could enjoy. Executives could know how much it would change their companies in the long term.

Virtual Reality Is Growing

Around the same time as SXSW last year, Tim Clark wrote about some of the other benefits the revolutionary technology would provide us with. As well as Digital Boardroom, things like advertising would change forever and it’s on course to do just that. Even patients in hospitals were less stressed when wearing virtual reality headsets, so they’re taking over our minds.

VR Taking over Big Data

It’s now 2017 and we’re really getting into the interesting stuff. Big data is already a huge mess the majority of companies don’t understand. It’s hard to believe it could make its way into the virtual reality world so fast.

The financial implications of this will make companies even richer and their jobs will be easier, plus it’s going to help change the world in a number of other ways at the same time.

A Few Ways VR and Big Data Will Merge

Imagine for a second you were inside a virtual world. Do you have any idea what big data would actually look like? Ask a hundred people and most of them would likely say the green symbols from the hit film, The Matrix. Let’s dig a little deeper and focus in on a few examples that will soon become mainstream.

Studying The Human Brain

We’ve already looked at virtual reality from a patient’s perspective, so let’s look at it through the eyes of their doctor. Do you have a clue how much activity goes on inside the human brain? We use machines then study images to find out exactly what is wrong with patients. Picture those readings inside a VR world.

It would help doctors diagnose problems much faster saving hospitals a huge amount of money. Potential lawsuits would be avoided because there would be less mistakes. Extra tests and equipment could be ordered based on the results. Expect to see doctors in hospitals wearing VR headsets soon.

A New Kind Of Social Media

Everyone is glued to their phones at the moment and they’re constantly scrolling through their Instagram feeds. They want to know what their friends are doing when they share it with the world on Facebook. If you have been paying attention you’ll know it was Facebook that acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion a few years ago.

On the big data side of things, companies will want to know how they can make money. They’ll want to know if custom poly mailers are trending on Twitter and how long it’s likely to last. Imagine being able to keep an eye on all of your ad campaigns at the very same time, as the data comes streaming in.

Affecting The Stock Market

When you imagine wolfs on Wall Street absorbing all their information it’s usually a bunch of people in a room staring at screens and shouting as loudly as they can. Do you think they’ll make the same kind of noise if they’re immersed in a virtual world staring at the data in front of them?

It won’t only be the numbers jumping up and down when they’re wearing virtual reality headsets. They’ll see graphic representations of how the market is reacting too. It will allow them to buy and sell shares much quicker, possibly while they’re still wearing their headsets.

It’s Only the Beginning

It’s hard to see how much SAP is going to change in the coming years because everything is moving so fast. All we know is businesses large and small are going to benefit and they’ll be able to do most things virtually. It’s going to mean a number of different things, but an increase in their profits is definitely one of them.

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