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New Introduction to SAP Screen Personas openSAP course

With the release of four new service packs, we have decided to update our openSAP course on SAP Screen Personas. The “Introduction to SAP Screen Personas” course starts on February 22, 2017. You can register at


This is the first part of the new training we are offering in 2017. It is a self-paced, online class that you complete on your own schedule. The 3-week Introduction to SAP Screen Personas course covers:


Week.Unit Topic
Week 1 Basics
1.1 Introducing SAP Screen Personas
1.2 Touring the Product
1.3 Simplifying Business Processes
1.4 Building a Dashboard
1.5 Merging Tabs
Week 2 Simplifying SAP ERP Screens
2.1 Using Themes
2.2 Working with Tables
2.3 Building a Simple Script
2.4 Using Events
2.5 Simplifying Web Dynpro ABAP Applications
Week 3 Accelerating Flavor Development
3.1 Design Thinking
3.2 Accelerating Development with the Flavor Gallery
3.3 Using SAP Screen Personas with the Belize Theme
3.4 Running Flavors in SAP GUI
3.5 Finding More Information and What’s Next?


Later in the year (planned for September 2017), we will offer a 5-week advanced course that covers:

  • Week 1: Beyond the Basics
  • Week 2: Intermediate Scripting
  • Week 3: Building a Consistent Experience
  • Week 4: Roll Out and Administration
  • Week 5: Best Practices


Please join us and start or accelerate your SAP Screen Personas journey. Register now for the openSAP course Introduction to SAP Screen Personas.


For the SAP Screen Personas product team, Peter Spielvogel.


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  • Hello,
    If I purchase a "Course Reactivation" token for this course, would I have access to the online test environment they provided for training? Currently, it is locked, but I didn't know if buying the course would "unlock" it. There's really no point buying this course if I can't access the test systems.

    • Hi Jordan,

      We will reopen the test system so you can do the exercises. I agree that the real value of the course is doing the exercises to reinforce the learning.

      We cannot make any uptime guarantees as we will make updates the system as needed, such as preparing it for the advanced class planned for fall 2017. Also, some of our updates may result in differences between the lecture content and what you see in the test system.


    • Hi Jordan,


      The system is now open again for new user registrations, so you can go ahead. Keep in mind though what Peter mentioned regarding uptime and possible interruptions as we are working with this system to prepare for the next openSAP class.