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Automotive Industry Solution Overview


The automotive industry solution empowers automotive dealers and importers to consistently sell more vehicles, services, parts and accessories at a better margin. The vehicle information can be used to drive sales processes from lead generation to closure of deals. It also helps dealers to leverage mobility for transactions anytime, anywhere.

Scoping & Fine-Tuning:

To use this solution firstly you have to do the necessary scoping in the system the fallowing steps help you to do the necessary scoping.

To begin:

  1. Go to business configuration work center.
  2. Choose the view implementation projects.
  3. Choose the button edit project scope.
  4. Navigate to third step.
  5. Choose the scoping element “Industry Solution–>Automotive–> Vehicle Management”
  6. In next step there are no scoping questions for this elemen

Note: – Ideally, “Installation point” and “Individual Material” should be scoped in automatically on scoping in Vehicle Management, using BC rules. However Please do also check if these are scoped or not before closing/moving to next step.

If the individual material is not scoped, you may not be able to create New Vehicle under products.

Individual Material:

Registered Products and Installed Base’ available under Service->Entitlement management

Once the scoping is done the second step is to:


Maintain the following for the activity Vehicle Management:

  • Model Catalogue for Vehicle Management
  • Fuel Type for Vehicle Management
  • To do so:
  1. Go to business configuration work center.
  2. Choose the view implementation projects.
  3. Choose the button open activity list.
  4. Find the activity Vehicle Management.
  5. Choose the option Model Catalogue for Vehicle Management maintain the catalogue as per your requirement.
  6. Choose the option Fuel Type for Vehicle Management maintain the fuel types that are used in your organization.
  7. Save and close.

Maintain the following party roles in the activity Party Role Definition:

  • Dealer
  • Driver
  • End User
  • To do so:
  1. Go to business configuration work center.
  2. Choose the view implementation projects.
  3. Choose the button open activity list.
  4. Find the activity Party Role Definition.
  5. Open the activity choose button ADD.
  6. Add the roles Dealer, Driver, End User.
  7. Save and Close.

Once these party roles are maintained you also have to follow further steps in order to make the new added Party Role in the Involved Parties.


  1. Select the Fine Tune tab.
  3. Select the Add Row
  4. Add the already maintained Party Role in the Party Role Definition activity.
  5. Save changes.

The new maintained Party Role will now appear in the drop-down list of Involved Parties for Vehicle.

Next maintain the marketing attributes and attribute sets that you use in your industry or organization:

To do so:

  1. Go to Administrator work center.
  2. Under choose Sales and Marketing Settings.
  3. Choose the marketing attribute sets and marketing attribute.
  4. Maintain the appropriate attributes.



Once the all above scoping is done the system is ready for use.

Relevant Work Centers and Views:

  • Products
  • ProductsàVehicle management
  • Service: Tickets
  • Sales: Leads, opportunity, Quote
  • New Vehicle can be created from Shortcut Icon

The Solution consist of mainly by the two Roles: 

  1. Sales Manager.
  2. Sales Representative.

Sales manager: Create vehicle model using using model sales code and model catalogue which is defined in the BC configuration, the vehicle model is then used to create service tickets leads and then opportunities and the vehicle master data itself.

Sales Representative: vehicle model data created by the sales manager is then used by the sales representative to create vehicle master data, this master data contains Fuel type (defined in BC configuration) TUV validity, Model Year, Capacity etc..

This vehicle master data is used for to track and maintain the sales and service information of the customer for future.


  • Overview
  • Tickets
  • Involved parties
  • Attachments
  • Features



It contains the customer information like the owner of the vehicle or can also be a corporate account. It also contains the product location which shows where the product is located the address information etc.. , the warranty tab contains of the warranty of the vehicle duration start and end dates.

The notes tab where the user can maintain the information of this vehicle.

Tickets: (Service scenario)

This Tab will show the all ticket history.

Involved parties:

This shows the parties like dealer, driver, end-user and customer defined in the BC configuration. You can also add any custom party role as defined in the BC.

For more details on the party processing please refer to link:


The user can upload the documents regarding this vehicle for example say the picture of the vehicle etc..


This view shows the marketing attributes defined in the administration work center. For example, like floor mats the color of vehicle and any specification related to this vehicle.

Service scenario: Call center->ticket; user–>ticket

If any call center guy creates a service ticket for this vehicle for servicing or any other issue this ticket is showed under the vehicle tickets tab,

The user can also create ticket directly from vehicle ticket tab itself, for the service or any other issues regarding the vehicle, this view will show the all history of the tickets that are associated with this vehicle.

Service ticket created will hold the information like the product information and also the activities tab have views task and phone calls where user can call the customer and also postpone/prepone the eservice appointments etc..

Sales Scenario: Lead–>Opportunity–>QuoteàOrder

User can use the vehicle model created by the sales manager to create lead, Once the lead is qualified and identified as hot lead then user can convert this to Opportunity and the opportunity is won it can be then converted to Quote and then a fallow up order.

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      Former Member

      How it can be used for Customized vehicles. For example Benz allows customers to customize its features( Variant Configuration )

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      Mark Nicholson

      This is helpful. Trying to find more info on Vehicle Management.

      Having trouble location Party Role Definition.

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      sunil dutt

      Is there any enhancements with respect to SAP Automotive Solutions with respect to Integration to C4C. currently i didnt any fruitful information