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SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Notification Center – Part 2 – Providing Notifications

Latest Update March 2021: Changed the title to fit with our other SAP S/4HANA RIG blogs

Latest Update 27.02.2020: Added the list of notification providers available as at SAP S/4HANA 1909.  There are quite a few! 

Latest Update December 2019: As of SAP S/4HANA 1909, notifications are also provided as part of SAP Fiori Situation Handling.  

Latest Update: Links updated for SAP S/4HANA 1809 and Embedded Mode as per latest Fiori Deployment Recommendations. Also to note that there are other notification providers available such as SAP CoPilot as of SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01 and subscribed SAP Smart Business threshold violation alerts as of SAP S/4HANA 1809. 

Latest Update: Some people have reported difficulty in setting up the connections on the backend side… a couple of extra tips: 

  • The step “Enter the Notification Hub RFC Destination” below requires the Fiori Frontend Server to have a RFC Destination defined in transaction SM59 of the S/4HANA core server 
  • Also this connection from S/4HANA core server to Fiori Frontend Server is a Trusted-Trusting connection and must therefore be listed in transaction SMT1 

In Leading S/4HANA UX – Notification Center – Part 1 – Activation we covered how to enable the Notification Center in the Fiori Launchpad and how to activate the Notification Channel in the S/4HANA Fiori Frontend Server, i.e. the SAP Gateway Foundation.  In Part 2 we move to the S/4HANA Core system where we activate the first notification provider delivered by SAP, notifications from SAP Business Workflow. 

We’ll finish by pointing out what users need to know to work with notifications and where to find user guides and personalization settings that let users adjust notification center behaviour.

So at this point you have already completed Part 1 – Activation:

  • Notification Concepts
  • Prerequisites for Fiori Notification Center
  • Enabling Notifications in the Fiori Launchpad
  • Enabling the Notification Hub

What we will cover in Part 2 – Providing Notifications:

  • Enabling the Notification Provider – using SAP Business Workflow as our example
  • Making the most of Notifications – what your end users need to know

IMPORTANT: Notifications can also be provided from:

And many other places.. you can find a list of known notification providers in the section Available Notification Providers below.

And these are still your starting points for this example:

  • You are running S/4HANA 1610 or above with Fiori Frontend Server in Hub mode or SAP S/4HANA 1709 or above with Fiori Frontend Server in embedded mode.
    • Note that the recommendations for embedded vs hub mode were changed as of December 2017.  You can find more information on the latest Fiori Deployment Recommendations and Options.
    • In practice, the configuration is much the same – the only difference is the target of your RFC destination behind your System Alias.
      • Note: Personally I find it useful to use a well defined logical system alias name so that the direction of information flow is always clear. 
  • Because we are using SAP Business Workflow as an example, Fiori My Inbox is already activated including any Task-Specific extensions. Note: We need this because when we click on a notification we want it to take us to the matching task in Fiori My Inbox.

NOTE: Just as in part 1 the screenshots in this blog are based on a S/4HANA 1610, Fully Activated Appliance trial system in the Cloud Appliance Library.  You can create your own trial system if you want to try activating the Notification Center for yourself.  Find the latest available S/4HANA trial systems on the S/4HANA Trial landing page.

IMPORTANT: While in part 1 all of the activities applied to the Fiori Frontend Server, in part 2 all of the configuration activities are completed in the S/4HANA Core Server.


Available Notification Providers

This is a list of known notification providers in SAP S/4HANA 1909.

Provider name Provider id Provider Class
Demo Notification Provider extension(with Email) /IWNGW/DEMO_EXT /IWNGW/CL_DEMO_NOTIF_PRO_EXT
Migration Cockpit Notification Provider /LTB/MC_NOTIF /LTB/CL_MC_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Financial Plan Status Change Notification Provider /CPD/FINANCIAL_PLAN_NOTIF /CPD/CL_PFP_PLAN_NOTIF_PROVID
Default Notification Provider of Payment Factory /PF1/DEFAULT_NOTIF_PROVIDER /PF1/CL_FIORI_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Product Marketability SD Integration Notification Provider CL_EHPMA_SD_NOTIF_PROVIDER CL_EHPMA_SD_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Notification Provider for G/LAccount  Mass Change GL_MASSCPY_NOTIF_PROV CL_FAC_MASSCOPY_NOTIF_PROV
Journal Entry Verification Notification Provider JE_VER_NOTIF_PROV CL_FAC_GLJE_VRF_NOTIF_PROV
Safety Data Sheet SD Integration Notification Provider CL_EHSDS_SD_NOTIF_PROVIDER CL_EHSDS_SD_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Notification Provider for Situation Engine SIT_NOTIF_PROV CL_SIT_NOTIF_PROV
Condition Contract Application Job Notifications WCB_APJ_NOTIF CL_WCB_APJ_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Settlement Management Application Job Notifications WLF_APJ_NOTIF CL_WLF_APJ_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Commodity Derivative Order & Trade Execution Notifications CMMFDCO_NOTIFICATION CL_CMMFDCO_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Notification provider for China VAT Invoice CN_VAT_INVOICE CL_CN_TXI_PROC_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Dangerous Goods SD Integration Notification Provider EHDGM_SD_INT_NOTIF_PROVIDER CL_EHDGM_SD_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Product Compliance Event Processing Notification Provider EHFND_PCEP_NOTIF_PROVIDER CL_EHFND_PCEP_NOTIF_PROVIDER
Manage External Tax Posting Notification Provider EXTNPOST_NOTIF_PROV CL_FAC_EXTNPOST_NOTIF_PROV
Procurement Product Assignment Message Provider RFM_PROCPROD_A S S_NOTIFPRO2 CL_RFM_PROCPROD_A S S_NOTIF_PROV
Manage Season Completeness Notification Provider RFM_SCC_NOTIFICATION_PROVIDER CL_RFM_SCC_NOTIFICATION
Extended Notification Provider for Situation Engine SIT_NOTIF_PROV_EXT CL_SIT_NOTIF_PROV_EXT

Activating the Notification Provider 

The Notification Provider needs to be activated so that it will push the notifications to the Notification Hub.

The Notification Provider may also have its own configuration to adjust which and how often notifications are pushed to the hub; and how the notifications will appear in the Notification Center.

When using notifications from SAP Business Workflow, these need to be activated in the S/4HANA Core system. The main steps are as follows:

  • Register the Notification Provider System with the Notification Hub System
  • Activate the Task Provider for Push Notifications in the IMG
  • Define which workflow Tasks will generate notifications
  • Check job SAP_WORKFLOW_PUSH_NOTIFICATION is scheduled

Tip: As always we need to make sure our system is in the best possible state by applying any relevant support notes.  In particular, make sure the following SAP Notes are applied to your S/4HANA Core server or you are at an equivalent support pack:

Register the Notification Provider System with the Notification Hub System

Registering the Notification Provider System For SAP Business Workflow this happens in the S/4HANA Core System in the IMG (transaction SPRO). You can see the main menu path to the Notification Channel Provider Enablement section here:

Menu path in the IMG to Notification Channel Provider Enablement

The notification provider needs to register it’s system alias with the notification hub, so that when a user selects a notification in the Notification Center knows which system to call.

You do this in the IMG in Notification Channel Provider Enablement > Configuration > Connection Settings > Enter the Backend System Alias.

Backend System Alias entry example

Tip: Enter LOCAL if you are using a sandbox system in with Fiori in embedded mode.

Enter the alias and press Execute.

You should then see a success message:

Update to the backend system's SAP Origin (Alias) complete

Similarly you need to Enter the Notification Hub RFC Destination so that the Notification Provider knows how to reach the Hub.

Tip: Enter NONE if you are using a sandbox system in with Fiori in embedded mode.

Finally you need to set up a background RFC connection to push the notifications from the Notification Provider system – i.e. S/4HANA Core System – to the Notification Hub system – i.e. the Fiori Frontend Server.

IMPORTANT: You need to use the exact names given.  These names tell the Fiori Frontend Server that this is content for the Notification Center.  The Fiori Frontend Server will then place the notifications in the ABAP Push Channel of the Notification Hub to deliver it to the Notification Center. We set up the Notification Center and the ABAP Push Channel in Part 1:

  • Create an RFC destination name IWNGW_BGRFC with transfer protocol Classic with bgRFC
  • Create an RFC destination IWNGW_BEP_OUT_BGRFC for the background RFC queue with queue prefix set to Q
  • Register the IWNGW_BEP_OUT_BGRFC destination for background processing by creating a queue
  • Create a bgRFC supervisor destination BGRFC_SUPERVISOR assigned to a technical user id with specific authorizations that acts as the supervisor

You’ll find detailed instructions on how to do this in the SAP Help Documentation for the SAP Gateway Foundation in the section Notification Channel

Always refer to the correct version of the documentation for your SAP S/4HANA version, or if not using SAP S/4HANA your ABAP Platform or NetWeaver version (from version 7.51 or above).

Activate the Task Provider

You can check if the Task Provider for SAP Business Workflow notifications has been activated in transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1. If it has NOT been activated, you will see a red circle icon at the top like this:

Top of transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 showing not activate red circle icon for the Task Provider

You activate the task provider in the IMG (transaction SPRO) in Notification Channel Provider Enablement > Administration > Notification Provider Settings > Register Notification Providers.

You can give it a description.  The critical details are:

  • Notification Provider ID SAP_BUSINESS_WORKFLOW

Registration entry for the SAP_BUSINESS_WORKFLOW notification provider

Return to the IMG and complete the next step Manage Notification Providers

Create a new entry, select the notification provider id SAP_BUSINESS_WORKFLOW  and mark it as active.

Activation entry for the SAP_BUSINESS_WORKFLOW notification provider with Active checkbox checked

Lastly, go to transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 to confirm that the Task Provider button is now a green square icon.

Top of transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 showing not activate green square icon for the Task Provider

Define which Tasks will generate notifications

Define which workflow steps will generate notifications in transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1

Transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 is delivered with several examples.

Examples in transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 showing workflow ID, step id, Active checkbox, Groupable checkbox, icon buttons for Actions and Texts

Use the Display/Change icon button to toggle to Change mode.

Create a new entry in the table by entering your workflow id and step. Make sure the Active flag is checked.

NOTE: Currently Action buttons to be shown in the notification itself can be defined for user decision steps only. For other notifications, selecting the notification will take the user to the relevant task-specific detail in Fiori My Inbox where they can complete the task.

Optionally you can allow multiple notifications of the same workflow id and step to be grouped by setting the Groupable flag.

Adjust the Texts to be shown if you wish. You can use the Insert Expression icon button to add values from the workflow container.

Find more information here in the documentation for your SAP S/4HANA version – section SAP Business Workflow – Enabling Push Notifications.

Always make sure you refer to the correct help for your SAP S/4HANA version!

TIP: Find the correct help for you SAP S/4HANA version by going to quick link then select your S/4HANA version and feature pack stack, and then search for the relevant guide. 

SAP Business Workflow Reference Documenation for SAP S/4HANA 1909, section SAP Business Workflow: Enabling Push Notifications

Check jobs are scheduled

Job SAP_WORKFLOW_PUSH_NOTIFICATION is automatically scheduled in your S/4HANA 1610 system.  You can check this in transaction SJOBREPO.

Transaction SJOBREPO highlighting the activated entry for job SAP_WORKFLOW_PUSH_NOTIFICATION

Testing Workflow Notifications

An easy way to test notifications is to use the System Verification workflow WS30100051 step 4 to generate a work item. The System Verification workflow is the standard workflow provided for checking your workflow environment is activated correctly. Just trigger it using the System Verification icon button in transaction SWU3.

In the Fiori Launchpad when you click on the Notification Count you will see a brief preview in the Notification Preview Panel of the Home Page viewport.

Example notifications as they appear in the Notification Preview Panel

When you move to the Notification Center viewport you will see the full details of the notification.

Example notifications as they appear in the Notification Viewport

Finally when you click on a workflow notification it will take you directly into the My Inbox on that task.  You need this option particularly when you have tasks that are not User Decisions, and therefore won’t have action buttons to complete the task in the notification itself.

Tip: Make sure the workflow you are testing with is included in your Fiori My Inbox configuration. Alternatively you can deactivate the Task Filter in your Fiori My Inbox Configuration. If you need a reminder on how to do that it’s covered in these blogs:

Leading S/4HANA UX – Fiori My Inbox – Part 1 – Activation

Leading S/4HANA UX – Fiori My Inbox – Part 2 – Task-Specific Options

Making the most of Notifications

Notifications are intuitive to use.  Mostly your users will simply need to know where to see the new Notifications alert; where to find the Notification Center in the Launchpad; and see a few examples of how to work with notifications.

SAP provides a section on Working With Notifications in the Fiori Launchpad User Guide for your SAP S/4HANA version, or if not using SAP S/4HANA your ABAP Platform or NetWeaver version  (from NetWeaver 7.51 or above).

Make sure you refer to the correct version for your system!

End users can adjust Notification Center behaviour in their Personalization Settings in the Me viewport.  You can use the personalization settings to:

  • Choose the notification types you want to see in your Notifications area. For example, if you prefer not see any leave requests in the notifications area, you can turn them off.
  • Choose whether or not to be notified by a popup alert whenever you receive a high-priority notification.
  • Set specific notification types to always be flagged as high priority notifications, regardless of the default priority level determined by the backend system.
  • Turn on or off the notification preview panel in the home page (if enabled by your administrator).
  • Specify which notification types trigger native notifications on your mobile device.

These options are explained further in the Fiori Launchpad User Guide section on Setting Notification Preferences.

Again always make sure you refer to the correct Fiori Launchpad guide for your SAP S/4HANA version, or if not using SAP S/4HANA, your ABAP Platform or NetWeaver version (from NetWeaver 7.51 or above).

So that’s it for now for the Notification Center.  Enjoy!

Becoming a SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA guru

You’ll find much more on our SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA wiki

Brought to you by the S/4HANA RIG

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Dart,

      Thanks for the great post.

      As for the "Notification Channel Provider Enablement", I am not clear about some steps as follows

      1. step 3, in RFC destination IWNGW_BGRFC, the target host is the gateway host or just blank? for logon user, any limitation or just current checked?
      2. the same confusion for BGRFC_SUPERVISOR destination

      Really thanks for your clarification.


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Qiang, If you follow the instructions in the link indicated i.e. Configuration for Notification Channel Provider Enablement  you will find it assigns special default user ids specific to the Background RFC technique.

      Author's profile photo Ibrahim Khan
      Ibrahim Khan

      Hi Jocelyn,

      I have an issue with Notification Center/My Inbox. I have a scenario specific tile for My Inbox in my Fiori launchpad, when a new work item arrives, the My Inbox tile shows 1 item and also the notification badge shows 1 item. When I approve this work item using the notification center the work-item gets completed but the My Inbox tile still shows 1 item. If I refresh the webpage or click the my inbox tile then it changes to 0 item, could you please advice what could be the issue?




      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ibrahim,

      So it sounds like there's nothing wrong... it's just a side effect of the refresh rate of your Fiori Launchpad.



      Author's profile photo Ibrahim Khan
      Ibrahim Khan

      Hi Jocelyn,

      Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to increase the refresh rate of the Launchpad?

      Also one more issue - I have done all the configurations as per your document but I am still not able to see the “Notifications” option in the Me Area settings in Launchpad. Any clue about this?




      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ibrahim,

      Please refer to Part 1 blog Leading S/4HANA UX – Notification Center – Part 1 – Activation .  In there is the reference to Notification Channel User Roles and Authorizations

      Your users will require these authorizations to use the Me Area settings.  They would at least need to be a consumer user.

      Also check you are on at least NetWeaver 7.50 SP01 - the personalization settings were some of the newest additions.



      Author's profile photo Ibrahim Khan
      Ibrahim Khan

      Hi Jocelyn,

      We are on S/4HANA 1610 with NW751 and the user has Producer and Consumer Authorization.

      Once strange thing I noticed was  - our notifications are working fine even though the notification parameter in the BSP application /UI2/USHELL is "enabled": false. I hope this parameter value should be true as default as you have mentioned in your blog. The only thing missing is the notification button in the personalization settings. Do we need to modify the launchpad configuration files  to enable the notification button in  the personalization settings? Please advice.




      Author's profile photo Santasree Bhattacharya
      Santasree Bhattacharya

      Hi Ibrahim,

      Can you tell us how did you resolve this?

      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi IK

      Alan Rickayzen's blog explains the missing steps to enable the personalization settings so people can opt out of specific notifications



      Author's profile photo Andreas Rahe
      Andreas Rahe


      any idea, what could be the reason that there are no texts displayed?

      I also did use the standard "Workflow verification" to test it.



      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Andreas,

      Please check it with the sample notification demo provider first. That would narrow down whether its a general issue or specific to the workflow notifications.

      If notifications are generally ok, and it's specific to the workflow you have used, you will need to check that some texts are configured for that particular system verification workflow step - i..e. WS30100051 step 4 - in SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1.



      Author's profile photo Purushothaman Tiruvarur Subramanian
      Purushothaman Tiruvarur Subramanian

      Hi Jocelyn,


      I am in the process of activating the notifications. The Demo notification is working fine. I have added the custom workflow to the SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1. I have followed your entire blog on this. But still no luck. We are on S/4 HANA 1709. I am not sure what is missing.


      Thanks and Regards,


      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Andreas

      Also please refer to note 2470293 - Notifcation discriptions don't display in Fiori Launchpad

      It looks like there is already a resolution for this

      Author's profile photo Ibrahim Khan
      Ibrahim Khan

      Hi Jocelyn,

      Does these notifications appear in the Fiori client App icon in the mobile device(same as whatsapp) or do we need to have SAP Mobile Platform for enabling this feature. Please advice.




      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi IK,

      Ok so the good news is yes I'm told that the notifications are sent through to the Fiori Client Launchpad  on the mobile device. You might want to check your system meets prerequisites if you are not on S/4HANA 1610 or above - refer to SAP Note 2564178

      However if you want the notification to become a true Push Notification on mobile It used to only be possible with SAP Mobile Platform, however like most of SMP, equivalent features are now available through SAP Cloud Platform mobile services.  And push notifications can be applied to your own apps using via Kapsel / Cordova plug-ins.



      Author's profile photo Ibrahim Khan
      Ibrahim Khan

      Hi Jocelyn,

      Thanks for the update. We are already in S/4HANA 1610 and our notifications are appearing in launchpad. Can you please let us know what setting we need to do in order to get the notifications in the Fiori client App icon in the mobile device(same as whatsapp).




      Author's profile photo Pradip Jaiswal
      Pradip Jaiswal

      Hi Jocelyn,

      As far as I understood once when we configure notification feature for the launchpad , the same launchpad url when configured on the fiori client for mobile we continue receiving the notifications on the fiori client as well.

      Also how can push notification be enable in this case since we have many fiori applications running on fiori client (unlike configuring push notification for a stand-alone app using SCPms).




      Author's profile photo Hannes Ladstätter
      Hannes Ladstätter

      Hi Jocelyn,

      is it possible to launch the matching task after click on a notification in a scenario specific inbox instead of the allitems inbox?

      The navigation URL includes always ...Fiorilaunchpad.html#WorkflowTask-displayInbox?allItems=true&showAdditionalAttributes=true

      Can this be changed that the parameter scenarioId=MY_SCENARIO is used instead of allItems=true?





      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Hannes,

      Well if you have users that use a Scenario inbox only instead of All Items you could try assigning them up a specific catalog for the notification redirection to your Scenario as per Alan Rickayzen's blog.

      You just need to make sure that they can reach any work item sent to them this way.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jocelyn,

      I've two questions:

      Number one:

      When I create my own workflow I use customer variables / expressions in the title of my step. Something like this: "credit limit block in order &1". The parameter1 is: &GV_ORDER&.

      In the notification area i see the following message: "credit limit block in order {GV_ORDER}".

      When I use the verification workflow the info comes with the expression: "Erster Schritt in Workflow-Verifizierung gestartet von USFISKAESS". When I use the demo-programm there are entries in the table: /IWNGW/NPROP, /IWNGW/NNAV_PARA

      Is there a badi, a view, a transaction or something else for transfering such data?

      Number two:

      Is the notification area only for workflows with a "user decision".

      I tried to use the standard approval workflows for purchase orders. In the transaction swf_push_notif1 I add the entry WS20000075 with step 93. For those steps I can't use the button actions / notification texts. When I test the workflow I see the red number in the right corner on the notification icon. When I go to the area - there is no entry. In the database table of the gateway / of the notification hub I see the entry. When I add a decision step to the standard workflow it works. Can the standard approval workflow work without modifications? Have you any ideas?

      The gateway is on 751 SP 0004. The backend is on 751 SP 0002 with S4CORE 101 0002 (S/4HANA 1610).

      Best regards



      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Thomas

      1. You need to work with the transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 to adjust the texts and actions available in the notification.
      2. Any dialog work item can be used with notifications - by default there are no actions just a text and when selecting the notification you navigate to the matching work item in Fiori My Inbox.
      3. If you see a new notification on the badge you should also be seeing the notification text ... I'm guessing either your configuration in SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 is not quite correct or you are missing a SAP Note (always apply all the notes) or its an authorizations issue.

      Blog comments is not the best place to deal with such questions - please ask your questions on where more people can view and respond to help.



      Author's profile photo Ram Ravindran
      Ram Ravindran

      Hi Jocelyn,

      I have followed your documents and able to configure Inbox and notification in Fiori launchpad. Both are working fine for all standard and demo workflows given by SAP.

      But when I tried with custom workflow,the item is showing in myInbox but not showing in Notifications.

      Whether I have to write new 'Provider Class'  and give new 'Notification Provider ID' ?

      Or we can achieve this by any other configuration?

      I have gone through the document "Notification Provider Interface" which mentioned to implement separate class. Could you please guide us?

      Thanks in advance,

      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ram,

      You do not need to create your own provider class,.

      You do need to correctly complete the configuration for the workflow notification provider - i.e. register the workflow notification provider class, etc. as described in the blog. To check you have done this try adding a notification to the System Verification workflow - this is easy to test as you can just trigger it to your own user id using transaction SWU3.

      If you don't get ANY notifications from workflow then you need to look again at your configuration.

      Provided notifications are being sent for SAP delivered workflows ok then for your custom workflows  you just need to maintain your custom workflow's tasks in transaction SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1.

      Don't forget to invalidate the caches before testing, and of course you will need to generate a new work item to the relevant user id AND NOT TOUCH IT until the notification appears - as of course if you have already opened i.e. seen the work item there is no point sending a notification.

      If you having trouble getting this to work please make try it with/without the customizing checkbox on the initial screen. If you are still having problems then please raise a SAP Incident.

      Good luck!


      Author's profile photo Thomas Menges
      Thomas Menges

      Hi Jocelyn,
      I followed your instruction to implement the notification area in fiori. (part 1 and part2).

      After doing that, the provider /IWNGW/DEMO is working fine and an entry is shown in the notification area after using the demo transaction.

      After that I activated the worklfow for purchase orders (WS20000075 Step 93) and activated that  in SWF_Push_Notif1. Everything is shown with a green light.

      Whe I create a new purchase order, a worklfow is started and can be seen in the my inbox app. But the Notification is missing in the notification area.

      How can I solve this problem and check the issue ?

      Thanks in advance,


      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Thomas

      I always like to test with the System Verification workflow - it's the simplest & safest workflow and easiest to start in transaction SWU3.

      Usually such problems can be simple, e.g.:

      • if you opened the work item (even accidentally) in the inbox - then no notification would be sent
      • or you might simply need to refresh your backend cache or browser cache
      • or wait a couple of minutes (technically notifications are triggered via an automatically scheduled background job).

      Some other things to try are checking/unchecking the customizing checkbox on the initial screen of SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 - in some releases that made a difference. You could check also for SAP Notes on SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 for your release.

      One other thought... It could be that the automatically scheduled job is not running or failing... so check the job logs as well.

      If it's still not working then best to raise a SAP Incident & get some further troubleshooting help.

      Good luck!




      Author's profile photo Ravish Garg
      Ravish Garg

      Hi Jocelyn

      Is there a documented parameter to prevent user from changing the notification preferences in the settings menu?

      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      HI Ravish, All the parameters available for your S/4HANA release are mentioned in the matching SAP Fiori Launchpad guide. And no - not in any release so far.

      As a rule of thumb what you are suggesting is not a good idea... avoid turning off personalization!

      Being able to control your own user experience to some extent - including whether or not you get annoyed/interrupted by certain notifications - is a pretty normal consumer expectation for all business users.

      Even in Microsoft Outlook I get to choose if I want to ignore meeting notifications etc.  And I should be able to do that! Interruptions can not only disrupt my working day they can be a serious cause of mental stress.

      It's important that each individual can make the choice whether to accept or ignore them.

      No matter who thinks it's so very important that the notification be seen by someone else, there are always equally good reasons why someone may not want them or at least not want them right now.

      It's good to think about these things from a human perspective ... e.g. do you like being interrupted when you are under deadline pressure? in a crucial meeting? in an interview? would you do that to a friend?

      You could even risk notifications being seen as enterprise-enforced spam ....!

      I'd suggest it's much better to have your Support team know how to respond to "I didn't get a notification" with a simple "ok so let's first just check what you have set in your notification preferences" ... and take it from there.

      Hope that's given you something to think about and discuss with your team

      All the best!




      Author's profile photo Pradip Jaiswal
      Pradip Jaiswal

      Hi Jocelyn,

      We have a gateway hub system with SAP_UI 752 SP06 and GWFND 7.52 SP04 and ECC backened system with SAP_UI 750 SP12 and GWFND 7.50 SP12,  will this be enough to configure the notification feature for our launchpad, will we need to create our own custom notification provider. Please let us know how we can proceed for the same.


      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart
      Blog Post Author

      HI Pradip, You should be able to use the notification feature in the Fiori launchpad given those frontend and backend versions. They meet the minimum requirements as described in SAP Note 2578256 - What is the minimum requirement for Fiori Notification?

      However you will need to create your own custom notification provider.



      Author's profile photo Paresh Gangani
      Paresh Gangani

      Hi Jocelyn,


      Thanks for the very nice blog, these is really nice & simple for learners like me.


      I have configured notification and now i am able to see notification on Launch Pad as below.

      But when i Click on notification to go to My Inbox it is showing below error in Console.


      Below is my Config in SWPA in Backend System.

      I have also check that there is no authorization issues as currently i am trying with SAP_ALL & SAP_NEW.


      Below is PUSH Notification setting.


      Can you Kindly guide where I am going wrong


      Thanks in Advance,





      Author's profile photo singh vinay
      singh vinay

      Hello Jocelyn,


      I am generating notifications using    /iwngw/cl_notification_api=>create_notifications.

      I am successfully able to generate it.I want to Navigate to Manage sales order App on click of Action Button.


      Could you please help me with that.


      Thans and Regards,

      Vinay Singh

      Author's profile photo Husain Dahodwala
      Husain Dahodwala

      Hi Jocelyn,

      Is there a way to send email notifications for the notification which are in FIORI?

      i am looking to implement the HR TimeSheet Approval app and have added the workflow task in SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1 but still the notification dont show up in the Notification center?

      Any help would be appreciated